How to trick your child to stop throwing tantrums

How to trick your child to stop throwing tantrums

Most will agree that the most dreadful thing about children are their temper tantrums. Kicking, screaming, and crying children can make any adult want to run away fast. Unlike other adults, you can overcome this by reading more on how to trick your child to stop throwing tantrums.

trick your child to stop throwing a tantrum

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Temper tantrums are a frequent cause of public embarrassment for most parents. As soon as their children begin to whine, flail their arms and stomp their feet, parents begin to wish they could disappear immediately. When their children’s disruptive actions are topped off with an ear piercing scream or a wiggly body movement on the floor, parents can’t help but have a mini temper tantrum themselves. Why are children prone to throwing tantrums? Is there a way to trick your child to stop throwing a tantrum?

Why kids throw tantrums

Temper tantrums are perfectly common in children even though some kids are more prone to having fits than others. Adults also have tantrums whenever angry, disappointed and frustrated. But because we handle our emotions in a “grown-up” or mature way, out tantrums aren’t as scandalous as kids’. Kids don’t really know how to handle the same feelings, thus the tantrum throwing routine takes place. Because they lack self-control, it is their way of stating their negative reaction to the situation and, sometimes, to their parents.

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Determine causes

One way to trick your child to stop throwing a tantrum is to assess the situation. Is your child throwing a tantrum due to lack of attention, hunger, sleepiness, fear, or frustration? Talk to your child when you sense a tantrum coming. When you find out what your child feels early on, throwing tantrums can be effectively prevented.

trick your child to stop throwing a tantrum

Always make sure to determine the source of the tantrum. It might sometimes be something far more serious than you expected.

Avoid temptations

Toy stores and supermarkets play a huge role in eliciting tantrums in children. As much as possible do not take your children to these places because they’ll always see something that they want. If you really need to take them with you, trick your child to stop throwing a tantrum by talking to them beforehand. Make them promise that they won’t demand anything. If they start pointing at things, remind them of their promise to you. If your excursion to these stores is successful, don’t forget to praise your children. Reward their good behaviour by nonchalantly adding an extra hour to their TV time or baking their favourite dessert. There’s no need to inform them of their rewards or they’ll always demand something in return. That is another way to trick your child to stop throwing a tantrum in the future.

Handle tantrums

Unfortunately, most tantrums are thrown when parents do not give in to their child’s demand. If this happens to you, don’t let your kid win. One way to trick your child to stop throwing a tantrum is to make a game out of it. If your child repeatedly asks for a toy, ask for something (like the moon or a lion) as well. Continue the verbal spar before saying that you’ll only buy the toy if your child gives the thing that you want. If your child says that what you are asking is impossible then also say that it is also impossible for you to give the toy as well. Cite various reasons like you don’t have enough money or that there are too many toys at home so that your child will believe you.

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Finding ways to trick your child to stop throwing a tantrum can be, well, tricky. But it can be done. Have you had any luck with it? Tell us how you curbed temper tantrums by leaving us a comment below. For more information why kids throw tantrums, watch this video:

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