How to throw an awesome sleepover party

How to throw an awesome sleepover party

Wow, your kids have grown so fast. Now they want to have sleepover parties. What do
 you do? Having a sleepover party can be really great fun for your child. Boys and girls
both love to have them. As long as you have plenty of patience then you will be fine. Your 
child will remember this time always.

planning a sleepover

Here is a guide to planning a sleepover!

The first thing you want to do is set a limit.

You know how many kids you can handle 
at one time. So tell your child what your limit is and stick to it. They can have just as 
much fun with 3 friends over as they can with 10. Do not budge on this either otherwise 
things can get out of hand very quickly. You can get a good idea about how many by
 asking your child how many best friends they have. Then maybe the two of you can find 
a medium level.

Ok so now you have to make sure you have plenty of food.

Because kids, especially 
teenagers, can eat a lot when they get all together. Finger foods are the best, anything that 
is easy to put together and does not have to be cooked too much. The easiest thing to do 
is to have things already made and all the kids have to do is get them out of the fridge.
Having one of those pictures with the spout on it for beverages is a really great thing to
have. This will make it easier for them to get their own drinks and less mess than them
 pouring it out of a regular picture.

Game time can be a little tricky depending on your child’s age and interest.

Get together
 with your child and see what they may be into these days. My advice would be to stay
 away from anything with paints. They tend to get everywhere except where they are 
supposed to. Boys are pretty easy, you can normally just send them outside and they keep 
themselves occupied. Girls can do things like makeovers, cookies or barbies.

If you are the outdoors type, bon-fires are a great way to pass the time and most any 
kid loves them. Just do not forget the marshmallows, no campfire is complete without
 them. You can tell ghost stories or even play charades around the fire. It is a great way to
 entertain everyone. If you have a tent and the room turn it into a camping sleep over.

Make sure to not invite too many kids that you will have trouble watching them.

If your 
kid wants to invite more than you can handle, do not be afraid to ask some of the other
parents to help out. Many times you will get more help than you need. Whichever way you decide to go, just try to get your kid involved. Ask their opinion and
 even have them help you put stuff together for the food and games. This could be fun 
evening for everyone.

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