17 Beautiful Gestures Guaranteed To Make Your Wife Feel Like A Goddess

17 Beautiful Gestures Guaranteed To Make Your Wife Feel Like A Goddess

Make your beautiful wife feel truly divine with these sweet tips...

Once the kids come along, that initial giddiness of love that you experienced in your marriage might lose its gloss somewhat.

We understand that this may be the natural progression of a relationship. But sometimes, mums can be left feeling tired, and a tad unloved over time – after all, most of the communal attention is now focussed on the kids.

Hubbies, don’t let your lady feel like this. The mother of your child gives out so much love so it’s only fair that should she get heaps of love too, right?

Use these tips to help make your wife feel like a goddess – you can be sure she will thank you for it in a very special way…

1. Unexpected kisses

A butterfly kiss when she least expects it – on the train, while out doing marketing… you get the picture – will make her feel cherished and loved.

2. Refer to past conversations

Weave things she said in the past into your current conversations with her. This will let her know that you haven’t been mindlessly nodding at what she tells you, but actively retaining those words as cherished memories.

3. Help out without her having to ask you

17 Beautiful Gestures Guaranteed To Make Your Wife Feel Like A Goddess

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A woman likes nothing more than to remind her husband to do things around the house and with the kids.

So, clean up your messes, feed the baby, take the toddler to the park – on your own initiative.

4. Love her new mum-body

Motherhood will change your wife in many ways – her body is one of those things that will probably change.

While you may love her new curves, she may not, so help her love her body again by telling her she’s gorgeous… and meaning it.

5. Avoid pornography

There is no better way to shatter your wife’s confidence (especially if she is still getting used to her post-partum body) than to look at sexual images of another woman.

Show your woman she is the only one for you by choosing to be committed to her only, even in your thoughts.

6. Whisper in her ear when at a party

Murmur a little compliment or flirty remark to your wife when you’re out and about. Little shared secrets like this when in public will make her feel special and connected to you.

7. Send her sweet text messages

17 Beautiful Gestures Guaranteed To Make Your Wife Feel Like A Goddess

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Even when you’re not around, show your wife that you are thinking of her by sending her romantic or sexy text messages. Your wife will just love this as it tells her she is always on your mind.

8. Organise regular date nights

Give your lady some respite from her daily chores and looking after the kids, and whisk her away on a romantic date night where you dedicate the whole evening to her. Then sit back and watch her inner goddess shine through!

9. Encourage her to follow her dreams

Has having kids meant your wife has had to sacrifice her career or studies? If this is the case, encourage her to follow her dreams and support her every step of the way to make them come true.

10. Cook for her

17 Beautiful Gestures Guaranteed To Make Your Wife Feel Like A Goddess

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Women love it when their husbands cook for them – there’s really nothing as sweet a gesture than this.

Don’t fret too much if your cooking skills are non-existent. Just follow a simple recipe to the T. She’ll be impressed and touched by whatever you make, guaranteed.

11. Appreciate her getting ready

Sometimes, it takes a little time to look stunning. If you have to go out and your lady is taking “just another five minutes” to get ready, don’t push her or keep reminding her you need to go. Let her take the time she needs to look extra gorgeous.

12. Be generous with your compliments

When was the last time you told your wife she’s beautiful? Complimented her hair or an outfit? Told her she’s special?

Women love compliments so be generous with yours and expect to be rewarded…

13. Pause to make time

Yes, you may have an incredibly busy schedule. But if you find yourself working late every evening, make the effort at least once a week to free your evening and spend time with her.

14. Surprise her

17 Beautiful Gestures Guaranteed To Make Your Wife Feel Like A Goddess

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She doesn’t always need to be consulted about where she wants to go to dinner, or what she wants for her birthday. Surprise her, even if it’s with a bunch of flowers – this will keep life and love with her fresh.

15. Just say it

“I love you” – say it and say it often.

When she’s been up all night rocking your sick baby when she doubting herself as a mother, when she’s collapsed on the bed at the end of a long, hard day – say these words because she will desperately need to hear them.

16. Or just write it

Nothing is more romantic to a woman than getting a hand-written note from her man – you! So write a sweet love-note, slip it into her bag or pocket and watch her glow.

17. Don’t push it

There will be times that she doesn’t want to make love, even though you want to. Respect her wishes without resenting her. Sometimes, a cuddle, and not sex, is what she wants at the end of a rough day to make her feel whole again.

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