How to Keep Your Baby Cool, Even in Hot and Humid Singapore

How to Keep Your Baby Cool, Even in Hot and Humid Singapore

Keep your baby cool and dry in Singapore’s tropical weather with these tips!

Keeping cool in Singapore’s tropical climate can be a challenge, and as all mums and dads  know nothing makes a baby more irritable than being uncomfortably hot. This ends up with both baby and mum getting exhausted!

There are many reasons why it is important to keep your baby cool. When your infant overheats, besides becoming restless and irritable, they may even become unwilling to breastfeed. Beat the heat in Singapore with these tips and tricks for keeping your baby cool!

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Safety in the sun

 If your baby is under six months old, the best is to keep them out of the sun. Babies at this age have very sensitive skin meaning that it can easily be damaged by strong UV rays but also that there is a higher chance of having an allergic reaction to sunscreen.

Even with slightly older infants, it is best if they stay out of the sun. Be especially aware during the early afternoon when the sun is at its strongest. By this age, you should be using sunscreen on your baby, but best to look for products specifically designed for their sensitive skin.

If you’re carrying your baby in a carrier, they will also be receiving your body heat. For very hot days, carry a portable fan or keep a wet cloth that you can wipe on their hands and feet to keep your baby cool. Additionally, be mindful of how many layers that you and your baby are wearing. This can be tough in Singapore where you’re constantly moving in and out of strong aircon.

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Stay hydrated

One of the most frustrating things when your baby won’t stop crying is not knowing what is bothering them. Are they hungry, thirsty, do they need to be changed? The list of potential issues is very long!

For breastfed babies, you may find that they are hungry more frequently on days that you’re spending more time outside. For bottle-fed babies on the other hand, you can give them chilled water that has been boiled to supplement their feedings.

Monitor the number of wet diapers your baby goes through in a day. If your baby seems less alert than normal or has fewer wet diapers, then they may be suffering from the effects of dehydration.

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Light-weight clothing

Putting your baby in light clothing will help them to stay cool. Both lightweight fabric, such as cotton, as well as slightly loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing will help to keep your little one cool.

Something many parents overlook is their baby’s diaper! Many diapers are bulky and keep in a lot of heat on your little one’s body. So you should definitely start looking into more lightweight alternatives in order to keep their bum  cool and dry in Singapore's weather.

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