How to have a happy retirement

How to have a happy retirement

Over a lifetime you pick up the knowledge and skills to build careers, raise families, and earn enough to make ends meet. But nothing prepares you for retirement. How do you handle all that leisure time? How do you keep your mind busy as you adjust to a new life without much structure?

How to have a happy retirementIf you are still working and thinking of retirement, you should be taking into account the retirement plans you should be making. This anticipates problems that may arise when you no longer have the routine, structure, and purpose of working life.

Mental and emotional preparation

Remember to prepare psychologically and socially as well. Ironically, too much focus on saving for retirement can make you forget what it takes to enjoy retirement. Being satisfied with life as a whole in your working life is your best way to prepare for retirement. The following eight tips will help you to enjoy and prepare for retirement at the same time:

1. Be prepared. Work out at what age you can feasibly retire before you decide. A plan such as My Retirement will assist you with working out how much you will need to save and other long term financial planning.

2. Learn how to handle freedom. A good way is to become self-employed after retirement. So pursue that lifelong dream of starting your own small business or turn a hobby into a source of money.

3. Be mature with your money. Overcome anxieties about your retirement finances with a plan like My Retirement, so that you can manage your money after your stop working.

My Retirement offers financial planning and helps you make sure you have enough to enjoy a better future. It features fixed monthly payouts and competitive yield so that you can look forward to a retirement where you can live life on your own terms.

4. Go traveling! Take a tour and travel to anywhere you want in the world, or to keep it simple, visit places that are near you.

Happy retirement

5. Spread your activities. You have plenty of time to spread these ideas and things you want to do, space your events and ideas out and perfect them.

6. Carry on! Continue to use existing skills and interests, but ensure they to fit into retirement. For example, a retired professor stops teaching but continues to write books and give speeches.

7. Stay in touch. Maintaining close family and social ties as good relationships are vital for fighting loneliness, boredom and depression.

8. Rekindle old interests. Remember old pastimes and interests. For many retirees it's been so long since they've had time to pursue a hobby that they have forgotten what they love to do.

9. Stay active. Physical fitness is important for good mental and physical health. Take a walk in the park or join an exercise group.

10. Clear out your old junk. Don't let clutter get in the way. Clear out the space and you'll feel a lot happier.

Retirement is the end of one phase in your life but a brand new start to another stage. Remember to enjoy this second lease of life!


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