Teaching your child basic social skills

Teaching your child basic social skills

Kids are the center of attention anywhere they go. But do they know how to graciously handle themselves while in the midst of other people?


Teaching your child basic social skills is as important as teaching them the alphabet and numbers. When they are polite and socially adept at an early age, they would continue to do so when they become teenagers and adults.

Great social skills are important because it will determine how well you interact and communicate to people. It is true that people with refined social skills have more friends than others just because they are interesting, charismatic and knows to get along with people.

With kids, we can’t really rely on them be social at all times because most of them get shy easily, they blurt out all kinds of things and they simply act like... you know, kids. However, it is still important that they know the basics of social skills so they will be able to make friends wherever they may be most especially in school.

Please and Thank you

The earliest and considered as the most important words parents should teach their children are Please and Thank you. These magic words would go a long way when used properly, politely and always. These two words would still be in trend even if your children will become adults so let them say it whenever applicable.

Taking turns

Impart on your children the importance of taking turns. As they say, taking turns definitely makes the world go round. In speaking, one person talks while the other listens and then it shifts. Taking turns is important when playing and when your child knows this, she will even be more popular in the playground.

Make eye contact

When being spoken to, teach your child to maintain eye contact with the speaker. This will only help him have a better grasp of what the speaker is saying but it would also give him confidence in the future. In no time, your child can beat anyone in a staring contest.

Offer scenarios

When you at home, ask your child questions about what he would do when faced with a certain situation. Offer insights on sensitive topics as to how to handle bullies and insults. All of her answers would allow you to gauge as to how far her social skills have developed.

Practice makes perfect

Don’t shy away from any social functions just because you are not sure if your child would be polite to the guests. Let him make mistakes and learn from them. Offer some advice on what to do the next time he is at a party. With plenty of real-life practice, your kid would be quite the charmer in no time.

Lead by example

When out in public with your child, make sure that you are polite, charming and outgoing as well. Greet people with a smile and in a proper voice intonation. Avoid being rude to someone. But if you have at some point, explain to her what happened and why you did it.

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