How to Get Shiny Hair for Toddlers: A Guide for Parents

How to Get Shiny Hair for Toddlers: A Guide for Parents

Follow the tips and tricks for beautiful glossy hair in your child.

What mum doesn’t want her beautiful tot to have a glorious mane of shiny, silky hair? Just imagine your toddler with luxuriant curls or a cascade of straight hair. But the question is, how to get shiny hair for toddlers?

Adult hair products that promise lustrous locks often aren’t suitable for little ones. And salon treatments are a big no-no. If you are also wondering how to get shiny hair for toddlers without subjecting their locks to harsh treatments and chemicals, we’ve got some tried-and-tested solutions for you! 

how to get shiny hair in toddlers

How to get shiny hair in toddlers? A good diet is the most important first step.

How to get shiny hair for toddlers? It’s easy with these tips!

1. Ensure proper nourishment

Before we talk about external treatments, it’s crucial to nourish your tot’s hair from the inside first. As hair is made of protein, give your toddler protein-rich food, such as fish, chicken and lean red meat.

Iron is the next nutrient that can boost your child’s hair-health. Spinach, anyone? If your kid fusses over her leafy greens, be creative: add finely chopped spinach to omelettes, waffles, even fried rice.

Other important nutrients that will nourish your little one’s hair from within are vitamin C (found in fruits and greens), Omega 3 (oily fish, like salmon), vitamin A (sweet potatoes and carrots), Zinc and selenium (eggs) and biotin (eggs again, and cauliflower). 

2. Avoid shampoo if you can

Now this might come as a surprise to you, but even kids’ shampoo contains sulfates and silicones. These are not only harmful to health, but they can also kill the lustre in your child’s hair. 

If you must use shampoo, then look for those free of sulfates and silicones. The rule-of-thumb here is to look for ingredients that end with -fate or -cone, and avoid these products like the plague. 

3.  Use conditioner

Again, you want to avoid conditioners with sulfates and silicones. But using a conditioner can really turn the sparkle on in your toddler’s tresses. If you want to completely avoid anything artificial, then mummies, why not try your hand at making your own natural conditioners? 

Here is one idea.

Coconut milk conditioner: 

Coconut milk is naturally rich in protein and fatty acids, making it perfect to add some gloss to your toddler’s hair. The avocado and honey added to this DIY conditioner nourish and protect those locks. 


  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 peeled and mashed avocado
  • 1 tbsp of honey

Mix together all the ingredients and apply to your child’s clean hair. Massage it into your child’s scalp and hair. Then, wrap hair in a warm towel and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse out well.

For more DIY conditioners, please click here

how to get shiny hair for toddlers

Avoid blow-drying your tot’s hair as this can damage the hair, leaving it dry, brittle and dull.

4. Never rub your child’s hair dry

If you are wondering how to get shiny hair for toddlers, one tip you must remember is to avoid rubbing your child’s hair dry with a towel. 

Instead, scrunch it with a microfibre towel or even a t-shirt. Do not blow-dry your child’s hair as this could dry it out, making it dull. 

5. Oil treatments

A bi-weekly oil treatment will result in glossy hair in your toddler without a doubt. Here’s one treatment which a mum swears by.

All you need to do is heat equal quantities of castor oil, mustard oil and coconut oil. Once heated, add around 20 black peppercorns and 10 curry leaves and let them steep in the oil while it cools. Once cool, remove the pepper and leaves and store the oil in an airtight bottle. 

Try these tips and tricks and watch your little one’s hair sparkle and shine! 


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