How to do a probiotics-rich diet for the family the right way

How to do a probiotics-rich diet for the family the right way

You’ve heard of the benefits of probiotics for the health of your family. But did you know that not all probiotics are the same? Learn how to boost your family’s gut health the right way!

We all hear of probiotics, but do you know why they are important?

Here are three quick reasons:

  1. Our modern, high-in-refined-sugar diets are unbalanced, and they disrupt the natural microbiome environment of the gut. That’s why restoring that balance with good gut bacteria has never been more important.

  2. We tend to rely on antibiotics, and frequently. A side effect of taking antibiotics is diarrhoea. This happens because antibiotics inadvertently kill the good gut bacteria alongside the disease-causing bacteria!

  3. It has also been found in various research studies that the state of your gut health has a domino effect on your immunity, heart health and even skin issues like eczema. 


How to enjoy probiotics the right way

How to do a probiotics-rich diet for the family the right way

Many rely on yogurt for probiotics, and with good reason. It has been found that eating yogurt daily by age one decreases eczema and allergies in babies by up to 70%.

But did you know: not all yogurt, or even tempeh, cheese or buttermilk contain the bacteria you need for digestive health? That is why it is important to always check for Bifidobacterium and/or Lactobacillus strains, which have been found to boost gut health.

It might be important to also know that just because there is live bacteria in these health functional foods, the bacteria may not survive the manufacturing process, or in the harsh environment of your gut! In other words, these foods may not be the most reliable way to get your dose of probiotics.

For a more effective source, you may want to consider a supplement that has proven benefits.


Youguth: Probiotics for supercharging your gut health

One such supplement is a new product called Youguth. It is manufactured by CKD, the company behind Korea’s #1 best-selling probiotic brand LACTO-FIT. They have strong credentials, with 50 years of research excellence under their belt.

One thing that makes Youguth different from other brands is the patented technology behind it. To ensure higher survivability and quicker action in the intestine, Youguth probiotics are fed proline, a naturally occurring substance in plants that live in harsh environments.

It also packs a punch with 100 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU). For those not acquainted with probiotics supplements, CFUs give you an estimated number of viable or live bacteria within a serving. 100 billion CFUs is much higher than most brands, for greater efficacy.

How to do a probiotics-rich diet for the family the right way

We also like how Youguth comes in a melt-in-your-mouth powder form that is packed into convenient sachets, making it easy to take on-the-go. Furthermore, it comes in milky & fruity flavours you'd actually look forward to enjoying.


Something for every family member

If you’re curious about Youguth, you might be delighted to know that it’s actually a range of products. Each is tailored for a particular life stage and its relevant health needs. In fact, specific probiotics strains and supporting ingredients have been thoughtfully selected to help you achieve optimal health.

How to do a probiotics-rich diet for the family the right way

  1. For children age 1 & above: Child Strength Up comes with zinc & colostrum to boost their immunity
  2. For busy working adults: Green Energy Up has added Vitamin B & Gingko biloba to give you a vitality & memory boost
  3. For ladies: Lady Charming Up contains collagen and Vitamin C for more radiant, youthful skin
  4. For seniors: Silver Up prevents your loss of bone density with added manganese


Interested to try?

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