How to de-clutter your home, one room at a time

How to de-clutter your home, one room at a time

Check out these tips that will help you to declutter all the rooms in your house one by one.

Whether you're cutting down on belongings or trying to clear and purge out stuff that you don't really need, it helps to have some useful decluttering tips.

Decluttering an entire home is a huge project and the best way to tackle this is to do it in stages. It might be hard starting off from the first room, especially if you're going through things that hold fond memories. But we promise it will become easier if you maintain your focus as you progress from one room to another.

Room by room decluttering tips

Before you even begin to declutter your home, set up 5 boxes so that you can sort things out systematically. Set aside what needs to be put away, what can be recycled, stuff that needs mending, stuff to donate and what needs to be trashed.


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Start with your bathroom cabinet and go through everything in there. Remove everything from the shelves and check for any expired medicine, makeup or skincare products. Toss out empty bottles and anything that is expired. When putting everything back into the cabinet, place the items that you use on a daily basis at eye level.


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Start by making your bed, because how can you even begin to declutter when the main focus in the bedroom is still in a mess. Check what is on your side table and put away books, glasses and maybe the odd one or two mail that you were reading one night but forgot to put away. Pick up any other clothing that could be strewn about and put them in the wash. Next, check your vanity table for any expired products and chuck them out.

Entrance way

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The entrance table is always notorious for clutter because that is where everyone dumps their keys, wallet, loose receipts, loose change, mail and unpaid bills. Take the time to go through them one by one. File away unpaid bills so that you remember to pay them and throw away old paperwork that you don't need. Put all your loose change back into your wallet and bags, then rearrange your shoes so that everything is neatly put away. Check if there are any shoes you wish to donate or any that is in need of repair. Then put them into their appropriate boxes and make a mental note to send them to the cobbler or donation centre.


How to de-clutter your home, one room at a time

The second most difficult room to declutter is probably the kitchen because you cook, eat and socialise there. It is also a room that gets a lot of use throughout the day. Cups, utensils as well as appliances can be left lying around when in a rush. Start by cleaning out the fridge and ridding it of any expired goods. It is also a good time to do a stock take of what you have left in the fridge. The same goes with your pantry. Then throw away faulty utensils and put away all your unused plates.

Living room

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The living room can be quite difficult to declutter as well because it is a common area that also gets a lot of footwork. But it is also a room that people see most of the time, which is probably why you would be more inclined to declutter more often. Sure you might have storage space to hide everything away, but the goal is to declutter, not make drawers and shelves your dumping ground. Put away commonly used items such as remote controls, magazines, and books. Put away old newspapers and magazines in the recycling box. Next, put away wires, charges and other electronic things that are not in use.


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We saved the hardest place to declutter for last. Sure it would be easy to give away clothes if they are out of trend or do not fit you anymore. But a lot of the times we feel more inclined to put them back thinking that we'll use them again at some point. So be firm with yourself and remain focused. The goal is to declutter, and not accumulate too many clothes until you have no space for them. Declutter by type, starting with bags, clothes, jeans and followed by other accessories. There might even be a couple of gems you might be able to sell off and get some money in return. It doesn't matter whether you choose to donate or sell them off as long you keep to the agenda to clear out your closet.

We hope these decluttering tips would help you to tackle each room with success. Then you will look back and realise that perhaps you can actually live with a lot less than you think.

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