5 ways to give your child a unique nickname

5 ways to give your child a unique nickname

Ironically, we stress the most over naming our child, when in reality a nickname will be uttered far more times than a child's real name. This is why deciding on a unique nickname for your baby is as important as finding the perfect first name. Find out how to create a unique sounding nickname for your child today!

unique nickname for your baby

Check out our guide to help you pick out a unique nickname for your baby

Many of us have been fortunate enough to be saved by our nicknames when we faced sheer embarrassment by our real first names, since our parents decided to name us something random that made sense to them two decades ago.

A nickname is usually a shortened name of a person’s formal name but sometimes, it can also form from thin air. It could be picked up from something that’s trivial or something that’s important to the parents. We say, if you’re debating on whether or not to pick out a nickname for your bundle of joy in advance, you should.

Creating a unique nickname for your baby doesn’t have to be as hard as when you were coming up with a first name. Just make sure that it suits your little angel’s personality to the T.

Shorten your baby’s name

Most nicknames are derived from the actual first name of a person. If your son’s name is Jacob, his nickname can be Coby/Kobe instead of the usual Jake. For your daughter Victoria, her nickname can be Tori or Ori instead of Vicky. To make the nickname of your baby unique and one of a kind, pick out the last syllable of the name instead of the first.

Combine first and middle name

To ensure that you have a unique nickname for your baby, you can merge the first and middle name to come up with a new name. Here are some examples:

Keith Andrew – Kean, Krew or Ken
Nicholas Alex- Nial, Nex or Clex
Lance Benedict – Andi, Ceb or Lane

Jennifer Marie – Jerie, Jema, or Jenrie
Mikayla Nicole – Mini, Lani, or Kayle (Kylie)
Marie Antonette – Maan, Rian, or Marion

unique nickname for your baby

What do you think about some of the suggestions we made for unique nicknames for your baby

Use the name’s meaning

If you have picked a meaningful baby name, you can use its particular meaning as the nickname. The name Daisy means pearl and you could use that as a unique nickname for your baby. Lettie can have the nickname Joy.


Creating unique a nickname for your baby can be as simple as using the initials of your child. Annie Jane or Arman James can be AJ, John Robert or Jessica Rain can be JR, and Ryan Jesse or Rayla Joan can be RJ.

First impression

Some parents don’t want to think too much about their baby’s nickname and just go with the flow. With that said, unique nicknames for your baby can often come from your first impression of your baby. Angel, Sweet, Queen, Shine, Sunny, Cherie and Sugar are just some of the words uttered at first sight of the parents’ precious little one. These words usually stick to the baby and have been nicknames ever since.

When choosing a unique nickname for your baby, make sure that it would not be altered or spoken in a way that could be used to tease and taunt your child in the future. It might be a good idea to stop using first impression nicknames before the child is of school age.

How did you create a unique nickname for your baby? Did it take you as long as finding a first name? We’d love to hear from you.

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