An effort to connect with grandma and grandpa

An effort to connect with grandma and grandpa

We show how to bring the generations of your family together.


Encourage your kids to connect with grandma and grandpa

Grandparents play a vital role in a child’s life. After the parents, grandma and grandpa provide love, security and care as a child grows up. Therefore, it is important to connect with them throughout a child’s life. Here are some tips to help kids connect with their grandparents.

1. Interview the grandma and grandpa
Tell your child to ask questions about the grand when they were young: What kind of games did they play when growing up? What kind of toys did they have? How did grandma and grandpa meet and fall in love? Questions like this are great ways to document family history and help your children relate to their grandparents.

2. Keep in touch via technology 
Email pictures and videos of your growing child to connect with his or her grandma and grandpa. If they don’t own a computer, make videos or recordings during favourite activities, like eating or playing with a pet.

3. Take lots of pictures 
Post photographs of your grandparents in a place in your home such as the mantelpiece or on the fridge door. Point the pictures out to your child often. Or, place family pictures in a special photo album, and page through it frequently while naming the family members.

4. Send letters 
The art of letter-writing is dying but it is a great way to encourage communication between children and grandparents. Send letters, greeting-cards at regular intervals or even leave handwritten notes around the house. You can also send letters to arrange a meet up so spend time with each other

5. Surprise them (with a visit)
Find out when grandma and grandpa celebrate their birthdays/anniversaries or any other occasion. Plan a surprise visit during which your child can accompany them in a favourite pastime. Take your whole family on a short road trip and spend time with the grandparents while you relive your childhood memories.

6. Be a good example to your kids
Children learn from their parents’ actions, so set yourself as a role model. Demonstrate that you care and respect your parents and your parents-in-law. By showing your love and how much you care for your child’s grandparents, he or she will follow your footsteps.

Let your children know that the chance to connect with grandma and grandpa is precious and the family should make the most out of it. Before it’s too late.

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Written by

Felicia Chin

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