Celebrating your anniversary with a party!

Celebrating your anniversary with a party!

A good party can end on a good note with the addition of party favors. Here are some tips to pick the right party favors for your anniversary!

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An anniversary party is a celebration of a couple's love and relationship. A good party can end on a good note with the addition of party favors.

Party favors are a way for the host or hostess to thank their guests with a small keepsake of the celebration.

These gifts tell the guest that their presence was appreciated. Anniversary party favors can reflect the theme of the party or the year of the anniversary.

For instance, the 25th anniversary is considered the silver anniversary, so a silver coin or a silver pen would be appropriate. This does not mean the favor needs to be real silver or be really costly, but something that is unique to the party and to the guests of honor.

There are many other types of party favors. A gift bag with a small assortment of items can fit the occasion. These items can be candy bars, balloons, or candles with the names and wedding date of the couple. Almost anything can be personalized or engraved to commemorate a special occasion.

Home made gifts are not uncommon. A basket of home baked cookies or candy could be a nice party favor, especially for a very casual party, like a barbeque or a potluck dinner at the couple's home. A crafty person could make a personalized favor for each guest to make them feel special. These personalized favors can be used as place setting markers at the table if there is a sit down dinner.

Another great gift idea would be a picture of the bride and groom on their wedding day in a nice frame. If the frame holds two photos a recent picture can be added to show the changes that have occurred over the years. Friends and family who have known the couple for the length of their marriage would appreciate this type of keepsake.

The host and hostess of the party might want to make a splash with their favors by having a pinata. This would be a unique way to combine mementos of the evening and an entertaining activity. A pinata can be filled with almost anything from scented votive candles to small stuffed animals. These items can match the theme of the party to make it more memorable.

For a small elegant dinner party, engraved wine glasses would make a lovely gift. The guest can use them for the party then take them home to enjoy. This also saves on washing glasses after the party.

It is not always necessary to give party favors, especially if it is a well planned party and the guests have a good time. But a little appreciation goes along way, and who knows, at the next anniversary party the guests may bring better gifts.

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