How Pampers helped to keep my babies dry all-day long!

How Pampers helped to keep my babies dry all-day long!

Check out mummy blogger Ting's review of the new Pampers diapers.

Before we became parents more than 5 years ago, I used to refer to all disposable diapers as “Pampers”. I remember telling Hubby to pack some “pampers” into my hospital delivery bags.

After becoming a mum, I realised that there are so many different brands of disposable diapers – and Pampers is one of the brands!  Still, this makes me wonder why most of us referred to diapers as “Pampers” in the first place.

pampers baby diapers

Little Brother who is going to be not so little anymore, in his Pampers baby diapers.

About Pampers

Did you know that Pampers is the brand of the very first disposable diapers, invented since 1950? Since then, Pampers has continued to innovate and deliver superior leakage protection.

In fact, they have recently launched 3 different taped products offerings using their latest technology: Swaddlers, Cruisers & Baby Dry!

Pampers Baby Dry for Little Brother

Little Brother has a sensitive skin condition. I have tried many different diaper brands, but he usually can’t have his diaper on for too long – he will come crying to me in pain, pointing to his diaper.

Upon removing his diaper, I always found red marks on his skin, which looked kind of raw. These were different from the diaper rash caused by poo. Even after applying a thick layer of diaper ointment, Little Brother’s skin will still end up very red if I keep his diaper on for more than 3 plus hours.

pampers baby diapers

On the left, an ultra-thin Pampers baby diapers before use. On the right, a full diaper after a night’s sleep for Little Brother!

As a stay-at-home mum to 2 active boys, I had been plagued by guilt for not remembering to change Little Brother’s diapers often enough. But all this changed when we got to try the Pampers Baby Dry in Size 3 (for 5 to 8Kg), which comes in a pack of 64 ultra thin diapers!

With Pampers, I noticed that the diapers really helps to keep Little Brother dry for longer hours – and it doesn’t hurt his skin when he wore them for more than 12 hours at night or 6 hours in the day.

No more redness on his groin area and no more fussy and irritable baby!

Find out how Pampers baby diapers can help you and baby enjoy a good night’s sleep.

A good night’s sleep

I’m sure all parents know how important sleep is to our little ones. Although there can be many factors that can interrupt my baby’s sleep, definitely a wet diaper shouldn’t have to be one!

I am thankful that Pampers strongly believes in “Every Good Morning begins with 12 hours Dryness”!

pampers baby diapers

I make it a point to remind my children to have their water intake regularly throughout the day.
With Pampers on, I don’t have to worry about leaks or frequent diaper changes.

The new Pampers Baby Dry diapers were designed to have an extra sleep layer and a longer acquisition layer that allows the diaper to absorb the wetness faster, keeping baby’s skin dry.  With the new Pampers Baby Dry diapers, my baby was able to sleep through with little discomfort, even if he woke up in the morning with a very full diaper!

It’s good for me too, because he co-sleeps with us. Now he whines lesser in his sleep and I can recover from the zombie mum state! With good and undisrupted rest, Pampers not only gave my child a good morning, it helped me to have better mornings too!

Find out how Pampers baby diapers help to keep my little one dry during the day too!

During the day, Little Brother is a curious and active boy. The moment he wakes, he loves following his Big Brother around, and yes, having 2 boys at home often make me felt like I am living in a country plagued by tornados (I mean the mess they make in every room in the house!).

So, with a diaper like Pampers on, there is one lesser thing for me to worry about – the need for timely changes or cleaning up leaks!

pampers baby diapers

Little Brother looking at Big Brother playing his game on the phone.

Even when I am busy doing with the household chores, I couldn’t resists taking peeks at my children, checking on them every now and then. You know how they are in trouble, especially when the adults are busy and they are extremely quiet!

One fine day, I found little brother so engrossed in watching a video on my notepad, I sneaked up and took many pictures of him because it’s really so cute!

Pampers baby diapers

I also found Little Brother playing on a tricycle by himself.

More reasons why Pampers baby diapers is my number 1 choice of diapers on the next page.

I have included a video demo below to show you the absorbency of the new Pampers diaper compared to other brand. You can see the speed with which Pampers absorbs the 50ml liquid. This is how fast the liquid is drawn away from baby’s skin, keeping him dry and free from any discomfort.

I am convinced, as my child’s skin has improved tremendously when using Pampers.

Why Pampers is my #1 choice of diapers!

I am sure every parent wants to give their kids the best! I think I finally figured out why so many people made the mistake of referring to diapers as Pampers.

For diapers, Pampers is the #1 recommended choice in Japan and US Hospitals, and also the first disposable diaper and the global #1 brand. With Pampers’ 12 hours dryness capability, 1 diaper was able to last the full night for my child and helped him and myself to sleep better. I believe the beginning of every morning dictates how the whole day will turn out, so good mornings ensures good days, every day.

Thanks to the extra sleep layer and longer acquisition layer in the new Pampers, my toddler is kept dry and he is able to wake naturally every day, not affected by any wet diaper!

Thank you, Pampers for the continuous innovation and improvements to create diapers that also take care of babies’ skin for the past 65 years. Do keep up with the innovations!

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Have you tried the new range of Pampers baby diapers? Tell us what you think of them by leaving a comment below!

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