Would you rather lose your mobile phone or your wallet?

Would you rather lose your mobile phone or your wallet?

Would you rather lose your mobile phone or wallet? Most would pick the latter but find out how McAfee WaveSecure helps when you've lost your phone.

McAfee WaveSaver

Would you rather lose your mobile phone or your wallet?

All my contacts, both professional and personal were stored in it. My calendar contained all my appointments, birthdays and other information. I even had an app that kept track of my menstrual cycle. How was I ever going to retrieve all that information?

What was going to happen to my precious photos, all 3,000 of them? Then I realised with a shudder that I was always logged on to my social networking sites. Whoever had the phone could access all my accounts and profiles. By now I was really in panic mode!

Not knowing what to do, I called my boyfriend. What he told me made me the happiest person in the world! He told me to relax as it was fine. He told me I had McAfee WaveSecure from StarHub and that he had helped me download and activate the mobile phone service. He reassured me that though I had lost the phone, I didn’t have to lose my precious data. I was ecstatic.

McAfee WaveSecure is a free service for all StarHub Mobile Postpaid customers and is designed to secure your mobile phone. It comes with really useful features that let you:

  • Back up your phone data online
  • Remotely lock your lost phone
  • Locate your lost phone
  • Track unauthorised SIM insertions on your phone
  • Wipe out data remotely
  • Restore your data to your phone

I was so thankful for these incredible features. With McAfee WaveSecure, all you lose is the phone, but not the important stuff. I also discovered that StarHub has online and home security solutions as well.

They include protection from web-based threats and monitoring of your home remotely. I am convinced that whether it’s protecting your phone data or safeguarding your kids against harmful sites, StarHub Security Solutions can help.

For the complete details on how StarHub can help secure all that’s important to you, click here or visit any StarHub shop today.






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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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