4 fun things that you can do to make potty training easy

4 fun things that you can do to make potty training easy

Scientists found that using humour helps toddlers learn new tasks like potty training. Here are 4 fun things that to do to make potty training easier.

It’s not all fun and games when it comes down to potty training, however, new research has shown that a dash of fun-loving humour can help alleviate the troubles associated with potty training.

A group of French scientists recently discovered that using humour helps toddlers learn new tasks, like potty training. Published in the journal Cognition and Emotion, the study observed adults using a tool to grab an out of reach toy in front of 18-month-old toddlers. In one group, the adults simply played with the toy. In the other, the adults made the children laugh by throwing the toy on the floor.

Data collected by the research team found that the group of children who laughed at the adult antics were better able to repeat the actions of the adults. Essentially, this indicates that using humour can help a child to better understand and learn a task or behaviour.


Parents know that potty training is far from an easy task. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things you’ll have to teach your young children. Complete with messes, misses, interesting bathroom visits in public places, and high levels of stress, potty training is a stage that most parents would care to forget. However, this new French study may be just the thing ailing and struggling parents have been looking for.

Check out these laughter-filled strategies that could help your child during his/her potty training experience!

1. Use songs, or singing

Ever wonder why preschool/kindergarten/first grade teachers often implement songs into their lesson plan? Because singing is a great mnemonic device for your children. It also makes learning a new task (or completing said task) fun and more tolerable. It can add a bit of fun o just about anything and even encourage and motivate kids to complete or learn something. You certainly don’t have to be singer-songwriter, but if you can develop a song to make potty training easier, feel free to do so!

2. Add something fun to the experience

Obviously, as your kids get older, the routine of going to the bathroom will become less of a spectacle. But, for the time being parents can work to make the experience something that they look forward too while learning. Make bathroom time something that's not new and scary for them, and instead something that is comforting and fun. Silly shaving cream faces or a funny face contest in the mirror, using dye in the toilet bowl, fun potty time masks...anything goes! Just make it fun for them while they're learning and they'll be more understanding of the process.

3. Dance it out

Kids love songs...and dancing! Toddlers love to let loose with some silly dance moves, and dancing along with them is always guaranteed to put a smile on their face. If you want your kids to laugh out loud and learn in the process, parents can create a potty training dance that can make the experience fun for them! Watch them laugh and get a good time out of dancing, all while learning of the importance (and general understanding) of proper toilet usage.


4. Play dress up

Kids can't get enough of wearing silly clothes or costumes. If you can implement that idea into potty time, it'll make learning about proper toilet usage a lot easier and significantly more fun for them. Put on silly hats, masks, costumes when learning about using the toilet and watch as they attain knowledge and laugh all day long!

Many parents believe that learning a new lesson involves a stern demeanor and maturity. While that's not entirely false, toddlers are more than capable of learning if they're having fun in the process. Goof off, let loose and be silly! It'll benefit your kid's ability to learn about potty training and make the overall experience less stressful for both you and your child! You'll soon see your child more engaged and motivated about potty training.

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