How do I instill good behaviour in my kids?

How do I instill good behaviour in my kids?

Does anybody know how to train children (3 yrs) behaviour & self-discipline, manners?

Blame it on parents

How do I instill good behaviour in my kids?

Mum needs help: Does anybody know how to train children (3 yrs) behaviour & self-discipline, manners.

Chong Chai Phin: i think parents r the most important model to show their kids… keep up urself to hav a good behavior, good discipline & manners to every ppl, even ur own kids…. tat’s all…
Puteri Norlia Megat Omar: I agree..discipline starts at home. Parents are the best role model to their children.
Grace Miranda: true CCP, it shld come from the parents first then go down to the youngest,we tell our kids what is right and wrong and the consequences, explain them everything, just dont say NO bec it wont work… but most of all we parents must understand our kids that every child has diff. personality and we must have diff approach to every situation. Again, let your Yes be Yes and No as No so that they wont be confused. 🙂
Julia Lim: Toddlers around that age ie 3 years old tend to try to follow or imitate others so its up to us; parents to set the ground rules of what’s acceptable and what’s not. For me; I understand that my princess (who is 2.5 years old) is at that stage- trying to test her boundaries and at the same time, figuring out who she is- as long as she doesnt get … See Moreoverboard and understand what’s strictly not acceptable then I am fine. Like what Grace said; every child is different so we cant expect him/her to abide every rule and be exactly like us. Parents/care givers are definitely play a vital role in leading a good/bad example but we need to instill in them starting since they are young!
Jo-Ann Hernandez: 3 yrs can alr undertand. Constantly remind abt good and bad things that might happen if she or he did something. Give scenarios that will help them understand the implication of their actions
Nalini Sivaperumal: Yeah you need to be a good role model. Every adult around the child needs to be consistent when disciplining the child, talk to the child on why something is right or wrong, praise the child when they display good behaviour. When a child does something wrong use words such as “Thats not nice, You have made me upset” instead of straightwaya saying … See MoreNO..You may also use other children you see in public as an example like saying, “That is not a very nice thing to do or say. We should not behave like that” and explain why. Read books on good behaviour skills and praise the character in the book for behaving such a way..Good luck!!!
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