How Can I Help My Autistic Child?

How Can I Help My Autistic Child?

One of our mothers can't seem to stop her autistic son from pulling at his hair. Find out what you can do if you face the same problem.

Mum Needs Help: My 14 yrs old autistic son always pull his hair out until he get bald patches on his head. have tried means to stop him but in vain. Can anyone help? Thanks!


Mehul Tanna: he needs to be shown to a therapist @ the school for autistic children. he needs proper help.

Vinz Kiong:
Getting medical help is the best. Worse come to worst, have u consider shaving his hair? It's better to keep it as short as possible than having him pulling out his hair all the time. Best of luck!

Isha Ahmad:
u can try to divert his attention to something else ..maybe he enjoys pulling his hair cz he like the feeling of it..the feeling of hair ,its call sensory touch..try to let him wash noodles or beehoon,i went to the sensory touch talk n dis is what dey says try to divert their attention to something son is autistic but younger than yurs,he'... See Mores four yrs old n studying in a special chool even in school they will use method dat divert the kids attention to something that they might like ...try to find something mayb toys dat is hairy or something similar which he can enjoys pulling off ..

Firstly, Great job on being such a caring and proactive mum! We're not to sure of a clear cut answer to this issue. But we recommend the following:
1) Hair pulling is an emotional coping mechanism. It's a little researched disorder but it's called Trichotillomania. ... Try buying this book: The Hair Pulling "Habit" and You: How to Solve the Trichotillomania Puzzle, Revised Edition (Paperback)
2) Often the tactile, self stimulation can be replaced with something else. Let him choose something else that he can pull or worry on, like a stress ball, or Tangle Toy or piece of cloth.
3) Try to get to the root of the problem. What makes him pull his hair? Keep a behavioural journal to find out the triggers.
4) Keep politely reminding him to stop every ten minutes when he does so.
5) Speak to your son's therapist/ teacher

Sun Yen Noel Lee:
if no hair to pull, will he turns to doing something else like hitting his own head?

Kate Chua Encarnacion:
he needs professional help. but you must know when and why he is pulling his hair. what triggers him. (Antecedent, behaviour, consequences) then we can address the issue well.

Nagora Banu:
i hope he has a therapist who has been working with him,being a therapist for children w learning difficulties myelf, its best to observe what causes the behaviour and reward him for not doing it... this will be a slow and long and tedious way but the most effective in the long run.. please read up on bio med intervention for autism and u may find ... See Moresome answers and u can work from that aspect. like what the others said it may be sensory but at this age it could be emotional stress as well..please get him help asap.. i believe every child has potential we just need to unlock it.. hang in there and all the best

Andy Ang:
tweak is incremental but possible. certain times minor changes in tweaking of patterns may cause discomfort and leading to cry sessions. it is possible that the long term may improve but short term will be traumatic. get a strong base of support for yourself too.

Irena Pairga:
thanks you all for responding to my plea for help. Really appreciate!

Fiona Rebecca Biggs:
I hear the spirulina from ELKEN has helped many an autistic child by helping them to remain calm. It has helped them sleep better too. Got this info first-hand from a mother. Perhaps its something u may consider for ur child.

Kelly Kc:
Keep him busy - drawing, cleaning, making cookies. When hands are busy, he will stop pulling. Hope this helps!

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