6 Essential Household Items For Your New Dream House

6 Essential Household Items For Your New Dream House

Feeling overwhelmed with the number of options for your new home? Don't worry, we have got you covered.

Renovating or moving homes can be a stressful time for everybody, especially parents as they hunt for family-friendly household essentials. With the explosion of mobile apps and the internet, parents have so many more options that often instead of feeling empowered most parents feel overwhelmed selecting items. So parents, if you are in a similar fix don’t worry because we share with you 6 household essentials that are family-friendly and will make your new home spectacular for the whole family! 

6 Essential Household Items For Your New Dream House

1. Thermomix 

list of household items needed for new home

Source: Thermomix

There is just never enough time for parents, they are insanely time-poor and sleep-deprived especially parents with young children. So for parents who lack time, Thermomix has unveiled its new TM6 all-in-one smart kitchen appliance. In addition to the existing functions of stirring, mixing, grinding kneading, whisking, chopping, weighing and cooking the TM6 also offers new functions such as the High-Temperature cooking mode which creates an additional taste dimension and the Sous Vide function which is ideal for cooking tender and juicy meat, fish and vegetables. This multifunctional appliance will save parents a lot of time and is great for passionate cooks in the family! 

Price: $2,320 

2. Kohler Bathroom

list of household items needed for new home

Source: Kohler

Bathrooms are an important space for families, they have to be functional and easy to use for both parents and children. Leading design company KOHLER that’s why has created its Family Care Bathroom collection which has a wide range of designs for lavatory, bathroom furniture, and mirror cabinets, offering different sizes and configurations for everybody in the family. Moreover, the collection also includes an award-winning electronic bidet seat C3-520 that provides a new level of cleansing, hygiene and comfort features, and Aleutian 2.0 Family Care bathtub, in which every detail is thoughtfully crafted with the family’s safety, health, and convenience in mind. 


list of household items needed for new home

Source: IKEA

A good night’s sleep is extremely necessary for parents and children. Sleep not only allows your body to recover from a long day’s work but also decreases your chances of falling sick and catching serious diseases. Parents looking for a good night’s sleep should check out IKEA’s SLATTUM bed for a good night’s sleep. The bed made with a soft, woven fabric and padded headboard is ideal to lean against while reading or watching date night movies with your spouse. Besides that, there is also plenty of space under the bed for storage boxes – perfect for storing extra quilts and pillows.

Price: $299

4. Dining Room Table 

6 Essential Household Items For Your New Dream House

Source: HipVan

Dinner time is one of the greatest bonding time for the whole family as they feast on a delicious meal. So to match the level of fun and excitement, the dinner table has to be comfortable for everybody. Depending on the type of look you are going for, online furniture store HipVan has great designs for every family. For example, the Paco Dining Table has a wide tabletop surface which gives ample room for families and guests to wine and dine. It also has a smooth and natural wood finish that will give your home the timeless appeal it deserves.

Price: $449 

5. Water Repellent Sofa 

list of household items needed for new home

Source: Luna Sofa

Parents, how many times have you had to clean up wine stains or water-based food stains on your sofa? Most of the times the stains don’t even come off and you are left with a disgusting stain on your brand new couch. Great.

Luna Sofas has that’s why introduced its new range of water repellent sofas which will ensure your couch never gets another stain again. 

Price: $699 

6. Multi-Functional Study Space 

list of household items needed for new home

Source: Kuhl Homes

For parents who are looking to save space in their homes, Kuhl Homes’ multi-functional cupboard is ideal for you! This cupboard transforms into a table and a storage unit. It is great for kids as they push, pull and place the individual elements when they want to play games, or do their homework. It is perfect for the living room or for below any high children’s bed. 

Price: $1837

Besides these essential household items, parents should also create a checklist of items they will be moving from their previous place to ensure everything is accounted for. Happy Moving! 

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Shreya Jagdish

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