10 Household items that can get your baby laughing hysterically

10 Household items that can get your baby laughing hysterically

Further proof that kids find the funny in anything

Kids have been blessed to see the world through fresh eyes. They see the beauty in the ordinary, and they see the fun in the most inane things! A simple household item can transfrom into the most amazing new toy once it's in their hands. Did you know that these household items that can get your baby laughing hysterically?

Plus: it's a great way for parents to save! Here's further proof that you can keep your baby entertained without breaking the bank.

1. Rubber bands and closet door

Almost everyone has these lying around the house. Bet you didn't know this unlikely pairing could bring such joy to your home!

2. Paper

Apparently, the act of simply ripping paper is enough to get the giggles going! Just look at this onesie-wearing tot.

3. Coconut

Even when they're not in season, this simple round fruit has been known to moonlight as a kid entertainer. This one's a fan for sure!

4. Nail clippers

This cheeky kid even uses a simple nail clipper to pull a prank on her daddy. Watch as the simple item becomes a form of entertainment for this cutie.

5. Spoon

This kid has his parents to thank for taking a humble spoon and turning it into a lively character designed to bring out the chuckles. We can't wait until he discovers forks!


6. Floor

Yup, even what we take for granted can make kids laugh hysterically. Watch as this toddler learning to walk discovers putting one foot in front of the other is an absolute hoot!

7. Wii

Now this is (quite) expensive but if you do happen to have one lying around the house, know that it isn't only a source of entertainment for parents but babies, too!

8. Bubbles!

Even as adults, popping bubbles doesn't lose its appeal. So this one's a no-brainer!

9. Burps

The most natural one on the list comes the most effortlessly! But most kids find it especially funny when it comes from daddy.

10. Popcorn

We all know that popcorn is absolutely delicious but apparently, it's hilarious for babies when eaten by a puppy!

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Bianchi Mendoza

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