7 Hot Sex Positions to Help Your Hubby Last Longer in Bed!

7 Hot Sex Positions to Help Your Hubby Last Longer in Bed!

Want your hubby to last longer in bed for unparalleled intimacy? Try these sex positions tonight once the kids are asleep!

Over the years, you’ve surely achieved a certain rhythm when it comes to intercourse with your hubby. You’ve developed a penchant for certain hot sex positions; you might have even favoured certain positions for conception. Or perhaps you’ve chosen positions based on how “well endowed” your husband is.

Whatever your preferences in bed, one thing’s for sure: There’s nothing quite like having sex with someone who knows you, who values your pleasure and who understands your needs in bed. But needs change over the years, and so there is always room for improvement!

Speaking of improvement, the average man lasts about five to 10 minutes in bed. How long does hubby last? 

Why settle for a few minutes when you can stretch each encounter? You rarely get time away from kids anyway, so why not make it count, right?

Now longer sex doesn’t always mean better sex, but sometimes it does! If you’re looking at how you can prolong intimacy, then these hot sex positions are for you!

Here are 7 sizzling hot sex positions to try with hubby tonight (for when the kids are asleep)!

It doesn’t always have to be hot and heavy. A gentle, slow burn can be just as arousing! Here are some positions to try out tonight.

1. Missionary

Not only is this the least intimidating, it assures longer performance because it’s not exhausting!

“Any position that has him on top, penis pointing generally downward, will support blood flow if he’s one of those men that sometimes loses his erection. The idea here is simple: blood flow allows for a more stable erection if it doesn’t have to fight gravity,” explains sexologist Carol Queen.

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2. Up against the wall

Having sex standing up against the wall of your bedroom or shower can help prolong the pleasure. He might also find it a turn-on when you take charge, mums!

You can even straddle him if you’re comfortable with it. But having to focus on balancing can be distracting for some couples. 

7 Hot Sex Positions to Help Your Hubby Last Longer in Bed!

3. Woman on Top

With this position, take it slow. Having you on top means the penis isn’t stimulated as much, so it works well for his endurance. You can be more in control of your own pleasure, too!

You can also try a “testicle pull,” which isn’t as painful as it sounds. It involves pulling down gently on the testicles in order to slow down ejaculation. 

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4. Spooning

Lie down facing the same direction and have your husband enter you from behind. Make slow grinding movements as you merge. Because this position allows just shallow penetration, you won’t be overstimulated. Take it slow and savour every sensation. This will help you both last longer.

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5. Side-by-Side

Similar to spooning, this position involves facing one another in bed. It’s important to make sure your hubby’s hips are lower than yours.

Wrap one leg around his waist and pull him closer as he enters you. Squeeze and release or pull away gently. Just go with the flow and do what feels good. Just don’t get too overexcited.

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6. Sitting on a Chair

“Face away from him and lower your butt onto his lap, having him use his hand to guide insertion. Use the armrests for extra support,” says sex expert Coleen Singer, explaining how this can be an alternative to “doggy style.”

“You still get the rear entry, but since you’re in charge of the action, he probably won’t get overstimulated until you want him to,” she explains.

Remember to make sure the chair you choose is sturdy and has armrests!

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7. Criss-Cross

Have him lie down on his side, like you’re about to spoon, but climb on top of him. While you are straddling the side of his pelvis, have him penetrate you. This helps him last longer because he can’t move around as much and therefore, he can’t be overstimulated.

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How else can hubbies last longer in bed?

Squeeze the head of their penis

Remember to let your hubby know that they can help prolong pleasure by squeezing the head of their penis to slow ejaculation.

Keep penetration shallow

Shallow entrance when penetrating — just about two to three inches — ensures more pleasure. According to Men’s Health, hubbies should remember to press the penis against the clitoris and to stay in the vaginal entrance.

Keep their sexual excitement from going over the top

This may sound odd, but you can ask your hubby to rate where they are on the scale of sexual excitement. Throughout intercourse couples go through four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. But not always at the same time! For men wanting to last longer, it helps to stay at a seven.

Hubbies, don’t obsess over your orgasm

Focus on your wife’s pleasure. Be in the moment. The more you think about orgasms or ejaculation, the sooner it will happen! Concentrate on the journey as much as the destination and you’ll be well on your way to making intimacy last beyond your expectations!

Sources: Yourtango, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health

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