Baby's foot bloated and discoloured due to possible hospital negligence

Baby's foot bloated and discoloured due to possible hospital negligence

A man who is believed to be the father of the baby posted his complaint on Facebook with photo evidence recounting his horrific experience with the hospital.

Safuan Comeell and his wife endured a long nine-month wait for their baby to come into this world. Their dreams came true when they held their baby boy in their hands. Little did they know that their precious newborn would suffer a terrible and completely preventable injury because of hospital negligence.

The baby was born in perfect condition, but because of a hospital transfer and a simple blood-drawing procedure, their worst nightmares came to life.

Father expresses disappointment over hospital negligence

Safuan Comeell, who is believed to be the baby’s father, wrote a long, heart-wrenching post on Facebook detailing the nightmare he and his wife had to endure. 

Baby's foot bloated and discoloured due to possible hospital negligence

Source: Facebook

Safuan’s Facebook post, which has gone viral with over 15,000 shares, is an expression of his sadness and disappointment the suffering of his son. 

hospital negligence

Source: Facebook

According to him, the discolouration and bloating complications occurred after a simple blood-drawing procedure at Sibu Hospital.

The baby was born in Mukah Hospital on Sept 15, before transferring to Sibu Hospital, where the blood-drawing procedure occurred.

hospital negligence

Source: Facebook

“The hospital had taken a blood sample from him, claiming that he might have a blood infection.

“However, his leg started to swell and worsen (after the blood-drawing procedure).

“He was born a perfect child, and what’s his sin? As a father, I will take action against anyone responsible if his leg has to be amputated,” Safuan wrote. 

hospital negligence

Source: Facebook

Authorities investigating hospital negligence case

The Malaysian Health Ministry is currently investigating a claim made by a man believed to be the baby’s father that negligence by Sibu Hospital staff resulted in injury to his baby boy. 

The government recognised the complaint officially and State Health director Dr Jamilah Hashim issued a statement saying that the department will conduct a probe. 

hospital negligence

Source: Facebook

The Facebook post claims that an oversight by the hospital’s employees caused his son’s right foot to develop severe swelling, bruising and discolouration.

“We will look into the procedures followed by the doctors and nurses in the treatment of the baby.

“The Ministry is concerned over the problems faced by the patient and will ensure that the investigation is transparent and conducted according to set procedures,” Dr Jamilah said.

Indeed, it is sad and tragic that this had to happen to Safuan and his family. 

Parents, if you ever encounter a case of hospital negligence in Singapore, here’s what you need to do. 

Reporting hospital negligence or malpractice in Singapore

1. Lodge a complaint with the Singapore Medical Council if you have:

  • Complaints regarding the conduct of a registered medical practitioner in his professional capacity
  • Information on a registered medical practitioner which makes him unfit to practise as a medical practitioner
  • Complaints that the professional services provided by a registered medical practitioner are not of the quality which is reasonable to expect of him; or
  • Information touching on the physical or mental fitness to practise of a registered medical practitioner.

2. Write a letter with the following information and submit it to the council:

  • The patient’s symptoms
  • The diagnosis
  • The treatments prescribed
  • Any alternative treatments discussed
  • Supporting medical records obtained from the hospital

Source: New Straits Times, Singapore Legal Advice


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