Horrified SG mum finds foreign object in son's Marigold milk pack!

Horrified SG mum finds foreign object in son's Marigold milk pack!

This mum would never have known if she did not decide to pour the contents of the pack into a glass. It makes you wonder how many times cases like this have gone unnoticed.

How did she find it?

As reported by Channel NewAsia, a Singaporean mother discovered what she described as “fish skin with a large blob of coagulated beige-orange milk solids”, in her son’s Marigold milk pack.

The mother, who wishes to be known only as Joanne, says her son had already begun to drink out of the milk box. This is to say that if she had not decided to pour the remainder of the content into a glass, she would never have cut the packaging open and discovered the strange object within.

Relevant authorities have been contacted 

Joanne posted pictures of the milk pack and the object she found on Facebook and has since been contacted by Marigold Singapore.


Image Source: Channel NewsAsia

In a comment on her Facebook post, Marigold requested that she send them the foreign object and have offered her 2 packets as compensation. Joanne says she has turned down their offer and will instead be contacting the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore along with other relevant authorities and organisations, so as to determine what the object is.

Keep reading to find out what other mum's think of this incident and how you can prevent this from happening to you!

What are other mums saying about this?

We asked some mums what they thought of the incident and if this might lead to them choosing not to purchase Marigold milk products.

Samantha Bek, whose youngest child is 2-years-old, says, “It’s super gross, to be honest, and I do agree that most of the time we do not cut open the pack which is pretty scary as we won’t know what is in it. I do think it’s an isolated incident and I will not stop drinking Marigold. No point being paranoid… if I boycott Marigold then might as well boycott all other brands which sell beverages in packs like this…I'll get my helper to pour out the beverage to another bottle for storage to be safe.”

Jaya Mahesh, a mother of 2, says, “I'm not sure if this was a one-off thing, but whenever I see marigold from now on, I might think of this [incident] for at least a few months.”

What should you do? 

We do advise parents to be careful when purchasing beverages packaged in similar packs, this is not the first incident of strange objects being found within the carton. Always check the expiry date to be safe. Use a glass or pour the milk into a bottle instead of drinking the beverage directly from the carton. This way you can ensure that there is nothing lurking in the bottom of your drink cartons.


These extra steps could prevent you and your family from ending up in a situation similar to the mum mentioned above.

Marigold HL products were recalled last week in Malaysia as it was discovered that there had been a case of bacterial contamination in their chocolate milk products, the incident was also reported by Channel NewsAsia. In another incident reported by The Local Society earlier this year, a mum found another unidentifiable object in her child’s Marigold juice packet.

Source: Channel NewsAsia

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Sonia Pasupathy

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