5-year-old girl dies of alleged abuse, father and stepmother charged with murder

5-year-old girl dies of alleged abuse, father and stepmother charged with murder

Authorities believe the father and stepmother have allegedly been abusing the little girl and her siblings for a prolonged period of time.

A five-year-old girl in Hong Kong has died after being allegedly subjected to chronic abuse by her father and stepmother. News of this cold-blooded Hong Kong murder is now doing the rounds on the internet.

The case is now being treated as a murder, and both the girl’s father and stepmother have been charged with the crime. 

The girl was rushed to the hospital on January 6, Saturday. Hospital staff noted that she was unconscious and covered in fresh bruises as well as older bruises, indicating a history of abuse. She was declared dead on arrival.

Reports say her entire body was covered in old, infected bruises, some about 10cm in diameter.

The girl’s grandmother has also been arrested under suspicion of child abuse. Police say it is still unclear if she had anything to do with the girl’s death.

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The Hong Kong murder victim’s brother and half sister also showed signs of abuse

The girl’s older siblings, a brother and half sister, also have signs of abuse. 

Her eight-year-old brother had bruises and wounds all over his body. He was also severely malnourished. 

Social workers have taken charge of caring for the two children.

Signs of abuse to watch out for

If you suspect a child you know is being abused, here are signs to look out for:

  • The child cries or puts up a fight when it is time to go with a parent or caregiver.
  • The child appears unusually afraid of certain people.
  • An abused child usually shows sudden changes in behaviour at home or at school. (They can be aloof or overly clingy.)
  • A child suffering from abuse has repeated injuries, like unexplained cuts, bruises, and other marks.
  • Abused children usually experience trouble sleeping, frequent changes in eating habits, or an inability to socialise with peers.

Where to report child abuse in Singapore

You can report child abuse to police or any of the following organisations, along with the proper information (i.e. incidents of child abuse and contact information of the family or child.)

  • Child protective service helpline: 1800-777 0000

Child Protection Specialist Centres

Ministry of Social Family Development (MSF)

  • MSF Child Protective Service
    512A Thomson Road
    SLF Podium
    Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm and Saturday, 8.30am-1pm

sources: Channel News Asia, South China Morning Post, Asia One

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