Missing child in Texas confirmed dead, father arrested for force feeding!

Missing child in Texas confirmed dead, father arrested for force feeding!

Missing child in Texas confirmed dead, cops found her body in a drainage tunnel, half a mile from her house...

We all have prayed for the safety of little girl Sherin Mathews, the 3-year-old toddler who was adopted and went missing apparently, after she was punished for refusing to drink milk.

Sadly, a couple of days back the cops found her body in a drainage tunnel, half a mile from their house. Wesley, her adoptive father has been re-arrested for harming the child.

A day later, Wesley changed his statement and said that, the child had choked on milk and died. He admitted to taking the body out of the house.

Missing child in Texas confirmed dead, father arrested for force feeding!

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As reported by DallasNews, Wesley and his wife Sini are originally a couple from Kerala and settled in the US, and they adopted Sherin last year from India. 

Sini was apparently asleep while this episode was on, and has not been charged yet.

The couple has a biological daughter who is 4 years of age, and after this incident has been kept in foster care. The cops have tried to get a statement from Sini but she has not co-operated as she is depressed of not being able to meet her own child.

Wesley earlier had mentioned that Sherin had refused to drink milk and hence to punish her, he kept her outside the house at 3 am and couldn’t find her after that. But he lodged a complaint only at 8 am.

After the body was found he claimed that she was refusing to drink milk, so he force fed her and she choked on the milk.

Little by little her breathing slowed down till her pulse was not to be found. The question here is if Sini is a nurse, why wasn’t she woken up to for help?

The cops have not confirmed the actual cause of death yet and are still guessing more arrests are on the way if they smell foul. Mathews has been charged with first-degree felony injury to a child and was held on Tuesday for a $1 million bond.

Injury to a child is a first-degree felony punishable by five to 99 years/life in prison. Whether this was a cold-blooded murder or an accident, we can only pray that no child ever faces this and justice is claimed.

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In India, most of the parents complain about their kids not eating and try to look at the physical weight gain instead of a good health with a nutritious balance.

Force feeding is followed by many concerned parents and can be harmful to the child. There are 5 ways where you can assure that your child gets the proper nutrition, as well as you don’t have to struggle to feed them.

1) Nuts

If your child is not allergic to any kind of nuts, introduce nuts in their diet on a regular basis. You can soak them overnight or make them into a paste and feed them one spoon daily. They are usually less time consuming to eat, tasty and a burst of nutrients.

2) Liquids

When a child refuses to eat something or takes a longer time to eat a certain dish, introduce the food item in a liquid form if it is possible. But make sure that the fiber content (if any) is not lost or strained out.

3) Healthier versions of fast food

Kids love fast food, and when you can take a little extra effort in re-creating them in the house with healthier ingredients, nothing like it.

4) Non-introduction to unhealthy/harmful food

When you do not eat unhealthy/harmful food items in front of your kids, they will never ask you to have a bite from it. If they never taste, they would never crave. As long as possible, keep your kitchen stock filled with nutritious food items that are natural and healthy. Binge with your friends outside the house when the kids are not around, as much as possible.

5) Use Alternatives

Just because your child is not okay having a certain vegetable, dont force them. You could find the same nutritional value in another fruit/lentil/ meat or vegetable that your child may savor more. Use more alternatives as much as possible so that your child does not become a rebellious eater.

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