Homeopathic lollipops for kids

Homeopathic lollipops for kids

Giving medicine to your child is easy with All Naturals Kids Homeopathic Lollipops - a natural, effective and gentle medication for your kid’s cold and flu, cough and/or motion sickness.

It uses homeopathy, a 200 year-old medicine that treats illnesses by stimulating symptom-causing substances to activate the body's natural defense system. Thus, the medication is all-natural, non-drowsy, sugar-free, alcohol-free and preservative-free. Now comes Homeopathic lollipops.

The best part is, these flavoured lozenges look like lollipops and come in 3 variants:

  • Kids Cold
  • Kids Cough and
  • Kids Travel Sickness.

These products have been tested and proven effective by mothers all over Australia for almost 10 years. They have become popular because they are so easy to administer to any child. So you can expect that giving medications to your child will no longer be a battle of will with All Naturals. Your child is probably going to ask for it even when you are not administering the medication.

You can now find the All Natural Kids Homeopathic Lollipops at the following drugstores:

  • Pharmaplus (Camden Medical Center)
  • Medic Drugstore Pte Ltd.
  • Green Apple Pharmacy
  • The Wellspring of Life
  • and other selected health shops.

This medication could really be the best alternative to making your kids take medicine instead of tablets, caplets or syrups. It’s not only a relief to kids but for mums as well. Thanks to De Pure International Pte Ltd for making mum’s life much easier.

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Written by

Karen Mira

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