Home sweet home: Protect your family, maid and belongings for peace of mind

Home sweet home: Protect your family, maid and belongings for peace of mind

In 2015, the SCDF responded to 4,604 fires, of which 62.9% were residential fires. Do you have enough protection for your family, maid and home contents?

If you are like most people, then you probably do not think much about fire or accidents occurring in your daily life, even though fire and accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. The infographic below reveals the high rate of fire-related accidents at home in Singapore.

Home sweet home: Protect your family, maid and belongings for peace of mind

An occurrence of a recent event also highlighted the importance of home protection. While the rest of the city was asleep at dawn, the home of an elderly couple caught fire. In the house were their elder son, two daughters-in-law, two grandchildren and two maids.

The good news is that all of them escaped alive. Unfortunately, the elderly male, 68, died later in the hospital from burns on 70 percent of his body. His wife suffered burns on 24 percent of her body.

What if this happened to you? You would be lucky to be alive. However, the challenges will not end there. What about the damage to your home? Where would you stay while rebuilding your house? What if any of your family members or your maid is injured? How will you pay for medical treatments for everyone hurt in the fire?

Let Etiqa help ease your burden in times of need. Etiqa provides insurance plans that you as a homeowner should consider for greater peace of mind and protection for your home and maid.


Home is where the heart is. Protect your household in the event of a fire.

1. ePROTECT home

The latest plan from Etiqa is designed to complement basic Fire Insurance. ePROTECT home offers comprehensive coverage for public housing owners to protect their home contents and renovations from unexpected perils such as unexpected perils such as fire, lightning and domestic explosion.

This plan is for you if you are looking for coverage on the following:

  • A high worldwide personal liability coverage of up to $500,000 for both the landlords and tenants.
  • Accidental death protection for you and your family.
  • Extensive coverage for damages incurred and high coverage on contents:
    • Loss of/or damage to contents belonging to your domestic helper;
    • Loss of pedigree pet;
    • Removal of debris;
    • Medical expenses for injury due to an insured event;
    • Alternative accommodation or loss of rental income; and
    • Unauthorised transactions on your stolen ATM or credit card

ePROTECT home offers 3 plans at an affordable premium tailored to suit your needs. Click here for more information.

*Information is accurate as of September 2016. Product information is subject to change.

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recent fire in a Pasir Ris flat which was caused by charging an electric bike did not claim any victims. Fortunately, the maid and three children inside the flat escaped with no injuries.

But what if they were injured? In a worst case scenario, your maid will not have any subsidies for treatments at hospitals or clinics as a foreign worker. How can you, as an employer, ensure that your maid is also protected and medically covered for any injuries that might arise?

2. ePROTECT maid

A plan that helps protect your maid in the event of an accident and covers the cost of treatment so that you need not worry about high medical cost. Enjoy peace of mind with:

  • Personal accident protection that offers 24-hour worldwide protection against accidental death, permanent disablement and medical expenses (as long as your maid is travelling overseas with you to assist you in your holiday).
  • Hospitalisation and surgical expenses
    • Cost of treatment for inpatient treatment and day surgery due to illness or accident
    • Pre-hospitalisation and pre-day surgery charges such as diagnostic procedures and laboratory examinations
    • Cost of outpatient treatment after inpatient treatment and day surgery
  • Repatriation expenses. Burial/cremation and conveyance to her home country

The plan also covers other features such as:

  • Termination / re-hiring expenses
  • Recuperation benefit
  • Temporary help benefit so you can hire alternative help while your maid is hospitalised
  • Wages and levy reimbursement
  • Domestic helper’s liability
    • Indemnity against any sums resulting from accidental bodily injury to any third parties and accidental damage to any third parties’ properties, as committed by your maid
  • Security bond – reimbursement of indemnity paid to the insurer

Your maid is your capable assistant in everyday life. She helps keep your home clean and takes good care of your children while you are at work. Take the first step to provide protection for your maid by clicking here to learn more about this policy. Enjoy easy application for all plans above with Etiqa’s simple 5-step application.

Promo alert: Enjoy 30% off maid insurance for a limited time only!

modern interior room with nice furniture

Ensure your family will always have a roof over their head with the ePROTECT mortgage plan from Etiqa.

3. ePROTECT mortgage

A disability, terminal illness or death can prevent you from paying your mortgage loan. Any of these instances may cause your family to lose the home you have built.

Ensure your family will have a home in case something happens to you. Let ePROTECT mortgage take care of your mortgage loan when you are unable to.

The plan offers a lump sum benefit upon death, permanent disability or terminal illness. You are protected up to age next birthday 75 with a choice of policy term between 6 to 40 years. Lastly, the plan offers a limited premium term for only 90% of the policy term. For example, pay 27 years for 30 years of cover.

Click here to learn more.

Unforeseen tragedies can have devastating effects on lives. Be as prepared as you can be by providing protection for your family, maid and home. After all, home is where the heart is.

*Information is accurate as of September 2016. Product information is subject to change.

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