Singapore mum shares easy 2-ingredient home remedy for kids' cough

Singapore mum shares easy 2-ingredient home remedy for kids' cough

This Singapore mum shares a super simple home remedy for cough for kids. And it needs just two ingredients!

As mums, we are always concerned about our kids’ health. We worry ourselves sick when the little ones fall ill. While we want them to recover soon, we also want to make sure that they are not exposed to harsh chemicals from a young age. So, we constantly look for natural and safe methods to keep them healthy. Haven’t we all googled for home remedy for cough for kids?

Well, this Singapore mum tells us that she has a super simple home remedy that works really well for her kid’s cough. And it needs just two ingredients!

Singapore mum shares easy home remedy for cough for kids

Vivian Ong, mummy of a 3-year-old toddler, got this amazingly simple home remedy from her German mother-in-law.

home remedy for cough for kids

Vivian and her son

Before Vivian stumbled upon this recipe, her son would often fall ill with cold or cough. Vivian says this recipe is great for both children and adults, but she doesn’t recommend it for kids below the age of 1.

The remedy has only 2 ingredients – onion and sugar.

Vivian says, “Red/yellow onions strengthen the immune system, and work as natural antibiotics and expectorants (they loosen up mucus so you can cough it out).”

As for sugar, she says, “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down right? Besides making this (cough) syrup a little easier to swallow, it can help thicken the syrup up a bit.”

Home Remedy for Cough for Kids Recipe


  • 1 or 2 Red/yellow onion
  • Roughly half jar of rock sugar or brown sugar

Note: Vivian says that, “This rock sugar is from Germany. We cannot get it in Singapore, but you can use brown sugar /white sugar.


1. Place a spoonful of rock sugar at the bottom of the glass jar (The jar should have a tight-fitting lid).

home remedy for cough for kids

2. Place an onion slice on top of the rock sugar. Add rock sugar on top of the onion slice. Continue to layer, until the jar is full.

home remedy for cough for kids

home remedy for cough for kids

3. Seal the jar with a lid. Let the jar sit at room temperature for 12-24 hours. 

home remedy for cough for kids

4.After 24 hours, you will see a lot of liquid in the jar. Take out and strain.

home remedy for cough for kids

home remedy for cough for kids

5. Refrigerate syrup.

home remedy for cough for kids

Notes from Vivian

  • “If your kids are having bad tummy ache or not feeling well, please stop giving this syrup, it might not be suitable for your kids.
  • This syrup should be used fresh. After you make it, you can store it in the fridge for up to 2 days. After that, just make another batch. 
  • This onion syrup is traditionally used as a children’s cough syrup. Simply give a spoonful as often as needed to soothe coughing (1-2 spoonfuls per hour, if needed).”

Thank you, Vivian, for sharing your secret recipe with us. Parents, do let us know if you found it helpful.

Please remember however, that every child is different. If you have any concerns, do consult your paediatrician before trying out home remedies.

Meanwhile, here are some things to remember when children have cough:

  • Offer plenty of warm liquids

Warm liquids can thin mucus, and ease congestion.

  • Honey is magic

Studies have shown that, honey is effective in soothing congestion and sore throat in toddlers.

Avoid giving honey to children younger than 1 year old as it could cause infant botulism, a potentially fatal kind of food poisoning.

  • More Vitamin C foods

Feed your child foods high in vitamin C, like kiwi, grapefruit, papaya, bell peppers or sweet potatoes. If solid foods are too irritating for your little one’s throat, try juices or a fruit smoothie.

  • Avoid these foods

Experts recommend eliminating refined sugar and dairy from your child’s diet when he’s congested as they could increase mucus production and compound congestion.

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