5 Soothing Home Remedies for Your Child's Fever

5 Soothing Home Remedies for Your Child's Fever

When it comes to home remedies for fever, here are hacks mums and dads should know to help their sick little one get a good night's sleep.

Most children will experience a bout with fever at least once. That’s why home remedies for fever are must-know information for mums and dads who want to help make these “growing pains” easier for their kid.

When you were a kid, your mum and dad surely had their go-to remedies to bring down your temperature.

My own mum was a fan of rubbing vaporising rub on my chest and cooling me down with a damp towel. She also gave me this mysterious pink concoction, whose contents she no longer recalls. Though it looked pretty, its bitter taste still haunts me to this day.

You don’t have to resort to awful-tasting remedies to ease your little one past their fever. Here are some home remedies for fever that might help!

Make sure to consult your child’s paediatrician first before trying any of them. 

Of course, if your child is a young infant or newborn, even the slightest fever warrants a visit to the paediatrician immediately.

5 Home remedies for fever mums and dads should know about

home remedies for fever

Before you try home remedies for fever, always consult a doctor in the first instance that your child is ill. Image source: File photo

1. Cold compress for their legs

We’re all familiar with applying cold compress to a child’s forehead. But the same technique can apply to their lower body, too, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

Using a wet sponge or cloth, apply cold compress on your child’s legs to help bring down his fever. Make sure the room is kept at a moderate temperature. 

You can also give your child a cool sponge bath. Make sure to just dab without rubbing because excess friction can increase temperature. Avoid keeping their skin moist for too long. A good tip is to dry each part of their body immediately.

2. Warm fever bath

Another method to promote comfort would be to soak towels in lukewarm water and dab them on your child’s legs. You can also give them a warm sponge bath to keep fever, as well as flu symptoms, at bay. Add some Epsom salts, baking soda, and essential oils to soothe the body aches that usually accompany fever.

A good example of essential oils for kids, according to Healthline, is lavender oil, which has a calming effect that has been known to soothe colicky babies. Just make sure to dilute it well before dabbing it onto your child’s skin.

If your child doesn’t like the scent of lavender (lavandula angustifolia), mandarin (citrus reticulata) can be an equally soothing alternative.

3. Herbal tea

According to Dr. Kathi Kemper, a paediatrician at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, chamomile tea is safe for kids over the age of 4. However, it’s best to consult your child’s own paedia first, as some kids can be allergic to ragweed, which is a component of chamomile tea.

By the time they reach the age of 12, most doctors would agree that it’s safe to give them black tea, but again, your doctor should first be consulted.

Chamomile tea promotes perspiration, which is why it is touted as an effective at-home remedy for fever. 

Make sure to consult your child’s doctor because not all types of tea are recommended for kids, specifically those with high caffeine content. 

home remedies for fever

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4. Wet and dry socks

Naturopath Dr. Katie Corazzo swears by this technique, which makes use of hydrotherapy. This involves soaking cotton socks in water, wringing them out, and placing them on your child’s feet. Then, place thick wool socks over them. Napping with wet socks helps promote lymphatic fluid circulation and brings down body temperature.

Even it’s safe to leave the socks on overnight for adults, this might not be the case for kids. Be sure to consult your child’s doctor before trying this fairly unconventional method.

5. Ginger and honey

Because of its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, ginger helps reduce fever, pain, and cough, says Healthline. For adults, dry ginger with drops of honey is usually recommended to keep fever at bay as well as relieve congestion. For kids, try serving ginger and honey tea, warm or iced.

If their fever is extremely high, caution must be taken with giving any ginger-based drink, as it might increase temperature even more, warns celebrity nutritionist Lindsey Duncan.

Remember: Kids under the age of 12 months should not be given honey.

Don’t give your child aspirin under any circumstances, as this can cause Reye’s syndrome

Aside from these remedies, keep your child as cool and comfortable as possible. Dress him in light clothing and make sure he sleeps with a light blanket. At the end of the day, no amount of alternative parenting hacks can take the place of adequate rest and hydration!

Sources: Healthline.com, Medicinet.com, Livestrong.com

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