Our holiday experience at LEGOLAND Hotel!

Our holiday experience at LEGOLAND Hotel!

Imagine living in LEGOLAND amongst the Lego people in their Lego brick world. Now that reality is just a short ride away! LEGOLAND in Johor has just opened its very own hotel.


We were invited by the LEGOLAND Hotelto explore their newest venture just before it opened to the public in late November 2013. We went there by coach and all the kids screamed with delight as the hotel came into view.

As we entered the LEGOLAND Hotellobby, we were greeted by a full sized pirate ship and castle as we entered the lobby. Several Lego play areas dotted the lobby. It was a dream come true for all the kids there!

legoland hotel malaysia review

Check-in has never been so easy. The kids were entertained the entire time so parents could do the formalities in peace.

legoland hotel malaysia review

Our room was one of the Pirate themed rooms. The other options are Adventure and Kingdom rooms. Its a very kid friendly setup with sturdy pirate bunk beds (with a trundle bed which is big enough for another adult like your helper).  The bunk beds at the LEGOLAND Hotelare so wonderful that your kids will want one at home too! (Be forewarned)

legoland malaysia hotel review

There was a fun little game to play to unlock the combination to the room safe where we found some fun Lego gifts. We were less thrilled about safety though as every safe has the same combination which doesn’t make for much security for our passports, laptop and iPads.

legoland hotel malaysia review

The bathroom was delightful for little ones as it had a lower sink for kids and plastic instead of glass cups. Sadly, this “little people” touch was missing in the common areas. There were no kids sinks or toilets in the lobby & restaurant restrooms. Bring your own toiletries as there are none provided. There is an all-in-one shampoo dispenser in the shower but it might not be everyone. The bathroom would also benefit from a shelf for toiletries.

We spoke to Thila, the GM of the hotel and she told us about how they kid-tested the hotel before opening the first LEGOLAND hotel in Asia. Adopting the research from their european counterparts, the hotel tested the hotel out with their employees and their children.

legoland hotel malaysia review

The results of the testing were the installation of an Xbox play area and storytelling time to keep the kids entertained when they get back from the park.

legoland hotel malaysia review

Food at the main buffet style Brick Restaurant is also geared for the kids with a pasta station, nuggets, raw bite sized vegetables in addition to the usual dishes. There is also a chocolate fountain and a sweet bar. The food was very kid-friendly and even picky eaters  will be able to fill up at the buffet.

legoland hotel malaysia review

Its only a pity that the play areas were separated from the restaurant by an underused seating area as it would have been great for parents to be able to eat while kids play.


When you book a stay at the LEGOLAND hotel, you get a special deal on entry to the park, two days for the price of one. That works really well as you get to enjoy the park on the day of arrival and the day you leave.

Almost all the kids in our party were sad to leave so the second day is a good way to tire the kids out before packing them into the car for the drive home.

legoland hotel malaysia review

All in, it was a fun weekend activity. Check in at the hotel is not till 4pm but the parks open at 10am so arrive early and leave your bags with the hotel while you enjoy the park. By the time you need a little rest, your room should be ready. And with their special park deal, you can go again the next day after checking out of the hotel.

We’ll be heading back for sure! It really is a dream weekend break for Lego loving kids.

legoland hotel malaysia review

How to get to LEGOLAND

LEGOLAND Malaysia is only 10 mins away from the Tuas Checkpoint.

You have these luxurious options to choose from:

By car, bus, plane or ferry.

Click here for more information.

How to book the LEGOLAND Hotel

Hotel bookings can be made online at the LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort website

Basic rates start from RM400++ and depend on room type as well as seasonal demand.

Prices are based on a family room for five and include breakfast for the entire family.

Prices for the LEGOLAND Theme Park & Water Park

Theme Park - Adult (12-59 years) = MYR 140.00

Theme Park - Child (2-11 years) / Senior (60+ years) = MYR 110.00

Water Park - Adult (12-59 years) = MYR 105.00

Child (3-11 years) / Senior (60+ years) = MYR 85.00

Toddler (Below 3 years) = MYR 10.00

For full pricing, visit the LEGOLAND Malaysia website.

This review was written by Lavinia T and edited by Nisa Abdul.

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