Holiday fun for your tot at just $9!

Holiday fun for your tot at just $9!

The holidays are almost here, and if you have no idea how to entertain your tot and can't afford to spend a lot, we have just the thing for you!

Work may be getting a little crazy, but for your little ones, the December holiday is going to be all fun and games. So we suggest you join them! After all if this is the season to be jolly, you deserve to laugh, love and live with your tots.

If your kid is anything from an 18-month-old bub to a six-year-old cherub, we have just the thing for you – A trip to Singapore’s very own world of make believe.

December holiday fun at the Singapore Science Centre

The Singapore Science Centre has collaborated with Make*Believe LLP and created a space for your tiny one to pretend and make what they may, while engaging in nurturing activities.

This programme lets you and your child experience and learn through a bunch of fun activities for just $9 per child! The space is designed to let the kids move from one activity to the next. Here’s what you get:

The touch, feel and sense booth: Your child can learn about various textures and how different surfaces feel. Running their hands over everything from kitchen and bathroom tiles, stone, concrete and more they really get a feel of things. Babies can crawl over the tiles, while an older child can touch or walk over them. Moreover, this could help you decide how to furnish your home!

A foam paradise: This custom made set of foam blocks really lets children get   creative. They can build their very own palaces, rocking horses, robots and anything they fancy using big foam blocks. To a five-year-old the best thing about these blocks is the fact that they have complete control over them. The lightness lets them carry around big objects and they feel like real builders. To a forty-year-old, the best part about these blocks is you are guaranteed your child is safe! There are no sharp edges, corners or textures that could hurt them.

Build your own city: This activity is designed for little architects-to-be. You kid can create their own city on a board similar to one used in the game monopoly. This board is divided into a chart, so it teaches older children how to follow the grid system as well as about area and space. Younger ones can have fun creating whatever they like. This world is left all up to them, and as a parent you can help them and realize the math that goes into it all.

Little firemen: This has to be the most engaging activity in the room! Your little one gets to put on a fireman’s hat and pretend to be a real fireman! With everything from a fire truck to water pipes (not to worry, there’s no water involved), your kid can really experience the real deal! Balls of different weights are used to teach the children about gravity, movement and force!

Building blocks and puzzles: The last stage of the programme is a mash-up of bloacks and puzzles. Kids can work with blocks to create horizontal figures or vertical ones. They even learn how to identify and construct Singapore’s Central Fire Station! The designers want kids to be able to identify the station in reality!

The nicest part about Make*Believe, is that little ones can run around from one station to the next as they wish and really learn lots of  basic principles! It also gives you the chance to bond with your kids. At least one parent needs to be present, so why not make this a family outing and let your kids make believe this Christmas!

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