Beware of hoax terror threat text messages in Singapore!

Beware of hoax terror threat text messages in Singapore!

The Singapore Police Force has alerted the public of a hoax Whatsapp terror threat text message!

According to the Channel News Asia, the Singapore Police Force has alerted the public of a hoax WhatsApp text message, warning of potential terrorist attacks this festive season in popular shopping areas of Singapore, such as Orchard Road and VivoCity.

They have requested the public not to forward such unverified messages which would lead to unnecessary panic and alarm.

Apparently, this message is circulating on Facebook as well.


According to Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam, the threat of a terror attack in Singapore is higher than it was earlier this year. He also said that the alert level of security agencies is "pretty high" given the festive season.

In case of a terror attack

The above message may be a hoax, but we still have to remain vigilant and on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. The Singapore Police Force advocates the Run, Hide, Tell method in the advent of a terror attack:

  • Run : Try to run away from the affected place as soon as possible. You might want to familiarise yourself with the exits of frequently visited buildings. This will help you to stay sane and make a calm exit.
  • Hide : Find cover, stay out of sight and keep quiet. Switch your phones to silent mode. When trying to hide, look for a strong support like a hard pillar, especially in case of gunfire.
  • Tell : Call the police on 999. If unable to call, SMS 71999 or use the [email protected] mobile app.

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(Source: Channel News Asia)

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