Hilary Duff on being a mum: ‘You’re always worrying’

Hilary Duff on being a mum: ‘You’re always worrying’

The 28-year-old actress opens up about embracing motherhood, with all its challenges, as well as her new “mum bod”

Being a mum changed the life of actress Hilary Duff for the better.

"He only makes every day matter so much more and the joy that I feel, the purpose, everything is so much more heightened. It's just, he's really amazing," she told TODAY, gushing about her adorable 4-year-old son, Luca.


Him.❤️ brightest light

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Hilary Duff and her struggles of parenthood

The 28-year-old, who rose to fame as Disney’s Lizzie Mcquire, also opened up about the struggles of parenthood.

"You're always worrying," she revealed. "Everyone wants their kids' lives to go perfectly, which is obviously not possible all the time. But it's so fun. I'm so lucky."

Her role as a mum is not the only thing she’s embracing; she’s also totally owning her post-pregnancy body.

She expressed her excitement about hitting the beach with her little boy, sharing that swimming is his favorite pastime.


clearly Dubois is super stressed about us jumping in the pool...

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As for beach wear, she’s not really worried about slipping into a swimsuit.

"I don't care to look absolutely perfect in a bathing suit. I'm a normal girl. I'm strong. I'm fit. I feel good about myself after I've had a baby,” she said proudly.


Enjoying this amazing sunny day....next I clearly need a tan ????

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Just like all mums, however, she’s had her fair share of challenges.

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"I go through ups and downs, being like, 'Damn, I'm fit right now' and 'OK, I'm letting things slide a little' and I'm totally fine with that,” she shares candidly.

Achieving work-life balance since becoming a mum also proved to be quite the challenge.

That’s why, whenever she gets the chance, she makes it a point to unplug after a hectic week and focus all her attention on her son.


Oh what you do to me. #greatmothersday

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"I feel like I'm missing out a lot and it makes me really sad," she said. "The easiest way for me to really connect with him when I've had a crazy week is to unplug from all my devices."

Whether it’s playing or running errands, she makes sure to turn each activity fun bonding moments for them to share.


kid crushes my heart one cuddle at a time????

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"We love building Legos together. We love going to the park together,” she recounts. “We play grocery store a lot. We scooter! I have a pink Razor scooter. So I've given up on all my coolness because he is like a speed demon on his Razor, and I can't keep up!”

It’s truly refreshing and inspiring to see a celebrity mum who’s genuinely embracing motherhood—and all that comes with it.

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