5 HILARIOUS parenting parodies that capture the madness of motherhood!

5 HILARIOUS parenting parodies that capture the madness of motherhood!

These parenting parodies of your favourite pop songs will help you groove to the joy and insanity of motherhood. Don't forget to sing along!

Motherhood is full of strange and hilarious moments. There are times when you find yourself pulling funny faces, or making your child's toys speak in cutesy voices — all to see your crying child smile again. At others, you might realise you can't remember how many cups of coffee you've already downed, or when you last slept longer than 6 hours.

Sounds familiar? Then you'll definitely relate to these parenting parodies of pop songs, created by talented mothers to show us how a mum's life rocks to different beats. Here are 5 parenting anthems that will help you celebrate the funny side of the sometimes stressful motherhood journey.

1) Smell of You

In the aptly-named "Smell of You", Sophie McCartney and her two adorable toddlers show us the everyday struggles of toddler tantrums and poo smells to the tune of Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You".

Which of us hasn't "Spontaneously burst into songs from Disney/ to stop a toddler rant/ Sing 'Heigh Ho Heigh Ho' and 'Let It Go'"? But of course, it's all worth it when our kids finally smile and "then they start to dance".

2) Hello from the Mother Side

Adele mum fans, this one's for you. In a parody every bit as soulful as Adele's original "Hello", Texas mum and singer-songwriter Emily Mills croons about mums' insane schedules, stress eating, and the pain of helping our kids through maths homework.

"Hello from the mothersiiiiide," she sings. "I must have tried a thousand times/ to tell her this homework is really breaking my heart;/ but when I try it clearly doesn’t tear her apart anymore."

Homework time just never gets easier — even as a mum!

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3) A Mom Can Dream

Mums, what are your wildest dreams? In this tongue-in-cheek take on Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams", mum Danielle Murray dreams about all the crazy fantasies a mother might have.

"Got a full night of sleep" — say whaaaaat? "I can shower daily if I want to," she croons, "I can pee with no one else around!"

Even if we can't always attain our craziest dreams, these are what keep mums going (along with love for our kids, of course). A mum's got to keep dreaming, right?

4) Housework

This brilliant video by Deva Dalporto features four mums grooving with mops and brushes to Rihanna's "Work", now a tribute to the kind of work mums do most: housework!

"House was hit by a bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb/ Though I clean all day long, long, long, long, long, long." Definitely a truth all mums can rap to while doing our own chores.

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5) Toddler

When you have a toddler, your nights are probably sleepless and your days spent running after your kids. In this parody of Michael Jackson's hit "Thriller" by Vintage Marquee Lights, South Carolina mum Machel Green sings about what happens when a mom becomes infected by toddler-itis: mombies!

"Cos this is toddler, toddler night/ The beast is running from you/ Why you chasin' it with wipes". Tip: this is also a great idea for your family's next Halloween dress-up.

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