Here’s Where You Can Find Dinosaurs In Singapore Without Flying Golf Balls

Here’s Where You Can Find Dinosaurs In Singapore Without Flying Golf Balls

For the little kiddos obsessed with dinosaurs!

Fascinated with dinosaurs and thinking of heading down to Changi’s Jurassic Mile, but don’t fancy squeezing with the crowd? Or perhaps, the idea of stray golf balls potentially landing in front of you isn’t something you’d find appealing? The good news is that Jurassic Mile isn’t the only place in Singapore to get up close with these prehistoric beasts. Here are the other places you can catch Dinosaurs in Singapore!

Dinosaurs In Singapore: Where To Find Them

Jurassic World cafe pop-up

Dinosaurs In Singapore

Dinosaurs In Singapore| Image source: Jurassic World Cafe

Zip back in time into the world of dinosaurs in Singapore at Southeast Asia’s very first Jurassic World Cafe. The quirky-themed cafe is based on an original concept in Japan, and the exclusive pop-up will be debuting at 56 stories up high at the iconic ION Sky from Nov 6, 2020 to Jan 3, 2021.

The star attraction in the cafe is the life-sized model of Blue, the fan-favourite Velociraptor, which you’ll definitely want to take photos with. You can also look forward to a dino-themed menu featuring Instagram-worthy dishes such as Volcano Curry and Jurassic World Burger, as well as limited-edition merchandise that will be on sale.

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, Level 56 Singapore 238801

Fu Shan Garden

At first glance, Fu Shan Garden at Woodlands looks like any other HDB residential area in Singapore. However, upon further inspection, you’d realise that a bunch of dinosaurs call this place their home.

The neighbourhood park here is littered with a number of dinosaur sculptures, as the place was designed with the intention of being a themed adventure land for children. These rather realistic-looking creatures were designed by the folks at Hong Hai Arts.

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[P L A Y] Dinosaur land 🦕🦖 It’s a nice sunny day to be out so the lil toddler asked to visit her favourite triceratops 😎 Located in btwn some HDB clusters, this FOC playground is a spacious area for lil ones to run around! There are 5 dinosaurs (see pictures) & 2 playgrounds, enough for the lil bubs to run ard & have some imaginative play (she kept feeding the dinosaurs 🤣). The features of the dinosaurs are quite limited, so minimal climbing or sliding. An enjoyable day out, but take note that it can get a lil hot and humid becos there’s not much shelter ard the open area. Have fun!! #sgplayground #sgkids #sgkidsactivities #sgtoddler #sgtoddlers #sgplaydates #sgplaygrounds #sgmummybloggers #sgmom #sgmummy #sgmoms #sgmommy #sgmotherhood #jsmlplay

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Here you can slide down the back of Dimetrodon or crawl through the belly of a Stegosaurus. You can also play hide and seek with the creatures and keep your eyes peeled for other, non-play figures that are hidden around the area.

In addition, signs have recently been installed around the park, providing visitors with tidbits of information on the various dinosaurs you can see there, letting you learn more about these magnificent creatures while you have fun.

Address: 81 Woodlands Street 81, Singapore 730827

Kim Keat Avenue playground

Another dino-themed playground to bring your kids (or those who are young at heart) to is Kim Keat Avenue.

Dinosaurs In Singapore

Dinosaurs In Singapore | Image source: Facebook/See Chin Foo

This one is a little different from the one at Woodlands. Here, instead of playground structures designed in the form of dinosaurs, you can find two massive T-rexes standing in the middle of a playground. Nearby, there is also a cluster of dinosaur eggs, giving one the impression that they’ve stumbled upon a dinosaur’s nest.

While you can’t exactly play with them, the realistic pair is admittedly quite a sight, and it makes for a great photo opportunity to update the gram with.

Address: 27 Toa Payoh East, Singapore 310027

Lee Khong Chian Museum

So far, the dinosaurs we’ve talked about are all man-made. But in this museum, you get to see real dinosaurs — their bones, that is.

These majestic creatures can be found at the dinosaur-themed area of the museum and it is definitely quite a sight to behold.

Aside from that, there are also other exhibits such as a display where individuals can touch a real dinosaur bone, which belonged to a flat-headed duck-billed dinosaur called an Edmontosaurus. One can also view the skulls and bones of a real dodo bird, or touch a piece of meteorite. It definitely is a learning journey that will leave an impact!

Address: 2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117377

This article was first published in AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission.


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