How To Tell If Your Husband Is No Longer Interested In You

How To Tell If Your Husband Is No Longer Interested In You

There are signs that indicate your husband losing interest in you and often times, you miss them and yes, they're pretty obvious!

There comes a certain point in your marriage where the communication level decreases and the tension builds up or maybe in some worst cases, either of the partners stops making efforts towards their relationship.

There are signs that indicate your husband losing interest in you and often times, you miss them. Here are some of them, and yes, some are pretty obvious!

#1 The house becomes a hotel for him

All of a sudden, his 9-6 job requires him to stay till 10pm almost every night, and he even has to go back on the weekends, although there has been no news of him getting a promotion or anything of that sort. He stops coming home on time, doesn’t do the cooking, laundry and most importantly, the tidying up.

When your husband tries to spend as less time as possible at home, then he might be showing the signs of a tattered relationship. When men start to get indulged into an affair with their work, they usually are no longer excited about being home early, or more specifically, being with you because all they seem to receive after coming home is boredom and tiredness.

Sure-fire hubby excuse: “The yearly bonus was just given out and you know what that means, everyone’s leaving. So there’s a lot of farewell dinners happening!

#2 The sparks are missing in conversations

How To Tell If Your Husband Is No Longer Interested In You

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You’ll start to notice that dinners are getting so silent that you can actually hear crickets chirp and surprise calls turn into routine than welcoming. However, that’s when you should start paying more attention. When you become completely unaware of the happenings of your husband’s life due to less or no conversations – things are definitely in need of attention.

Sure-fire hubby excuse: “Sorry honey, can we talk at home instead? Over dinner?”


#3 Your husband pays more attention to his electronic gadgets than to you

Ironically, as much as technology is meant for us to stay connected with people, it actually makes us feel disconnected with our closed ones. If your husband enjoys spending more of his time with the gadgets than he does with you, it’s a sign. It could be due to the fact that the marriage is on the rocks and he’s using technology as a form of escape.

Sure-fire hubby excuse: Or in this case, behaviour. If your hubby starts using his gadgets right after a fight or during a fight in an attempt to shut you up, then it’s pretty obvious.

#4 He doesn’t give any opinions on your appearances

How To Tell If Your Husband Is No Longer Interested In You

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Those days where he’d comment on every single thing you wear resulting in you taking greater care of your appearance are long gone. If your husband is unhappy with everything in your marriage, nothing good or bad about your looks will actually bother him. No matter how sexily you dress up or how badly you put on the makeup, he would hardly be affected.

Sure-fire hubby behaviour: “You’re wearing full black to your sister’s wedding? Nope, why would you think it’s too superstitious? It’s up to you, really.

#5 Arguments get lesser

Not just in terms of conversations, if your arguments get lesser as well, you should be worried. It can be a sign of his passive-aggression due to him not being happy in the relationship. While you may think that it is a good thing that he doesn’t want to argue, it actually means that he does not care as much as he used to earlier.

Sure-fire hubby behaviour: “Up to you”

#6 Couple to-dos become solo to-dos

How To Tell If Your Husband Is No Longer Interested In You

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Remember going grocery shopping together every weekend? Remember making it a point to pick the kids up from school together every day? What happened to them? It’s normal if he has a hectic schedule but it sure gets worrying if it happens too frequently. You need to be alarmed when he repeatedly cancels out every plan to go out with you.

This may be due to the fact that he no longer feels happy being with you alone. If it gets too frequent, it is time that you take the initiative of talking things out to stop it from getting worse.

Sure-fire hubby excuse: “Oh you’re going to NTUC? There isn’t much grocery shopping to be done, right? I’m sure you can handle it without me.”

#7 No more excitement in sex

This is probably one of the more sure-fire signs of your marriage being in shambles. Even the anticipation is gone! If there’s no more innovations suggested by him or both of you are taking more time to reach the pinnacle of pleasure while having sex, you should be worried.

Worst? If your husband seems disinterested when you make sexual passes at him or if he just flat out refuses sex. This is because men by nature never refuse sex; so if he does, take the warning and sort things out before you find him in bed with someone else.

Sure-fire hubby excuse: This one really speaks for itself, mummies!

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Pavin Chopra

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