7 helpful tips for stay-at-home dads

7 helpful tips for stay-at-home dads

Be an excellent stay-at-home dad with these tips

Though it definitely isn’t common, more and more fathers are now choosing to stay home and parent their kids full-time. Being a full-time parent isn’t easy — and it’s harder still when you have to deal with societal pressures. Here are some tips for stay-at-home dads to excel in their new vocations.

1. Own it

Being a full-time parent is a job, so treat it like you would any other job. Don’t half-ass your role. Take it seriously and be excellent — not only will it be good for your kids, knowing that you’re doing a good job will do wonders for your self esteem as well.

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2. Get some me time

It’s important that you still maintain your identity outside parenting. Make sure that you have some time for your hobbies, friends, and so forth.

3. Ask for help. Get connected

YouTube can only teach you so much. Ask other parents for advice on things you’re stuck on, whether it’s potty training or disciplining a child. Find a local dad group and connect with other dads.

4. Split responsibilities with your partner

7 helpful tips for stay-at-home dads

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Though you’ll obviously be in charge of most of the household upkeep tasks, splitting tasks as equally as possible is important. This prevents feelings of resentment and manages you and your partner’s expectations.

5. Stand up for yourself and your partner

There are a lot of negative perceptions about stay-at-home dads, and though it isn’t your job to educate all the naysayers, you’re in the perfect position to affect change. We’re not saying you should engage in fistfights over a careless comment, but you can look for opportunities to educate and get people to question their biases. Your partner will also need your support — remind people that your situation does not make her less of a mother.

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6. Get out of the house

Just because you’re called a stay-at-home dad doesn’t mean you should actually just stay home. Your kids will also appreciate the time out of the house. It can be anything from short walks around the block to a trip to the aquarium.

7. Enjoy it

It’s a privilege to be able to parent your kids full-time. Don’t get caught up in household chores; have fun with your kids and be present. They won’t be kids for long. Savour it while you can.


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