Help, my kid is suffering from ADHD!

Help, my kid is suffering from ADHD!

Could your child have ADHD? If you’re answer is: “I don’t know; never heard of it!”—then, you should definitely read on and now! Dr Winslow offers advise for parents.

ADHD Parents with kids suffering from ADHD, it's time to get them help and quick!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is often a misunderstood diagnosis or simply missed, whether by the parents of patients suffering from the condition or their teachers. Research has shown that the percentage of kids who suffer from it are anywhere between five and 8% of children.

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How do I know if junior has ADHD?

How can you tell if you child is plagued by this condition and if so, what do you do? Is ADHD treatable? Dr Munidasa Winslow, a senior Singaporean psychologist and founder of The Winslow Clinic at the Novena Medical Center has some serious parental advice for you.

Parents, pay attention!

According to the specialist, it is important for parents to pick it up because ADHD can have detrimental effects on your child, especially in the areas of his academic performance and overall development. Furthermore, kids with ADHD often struggle to concentrate and as a result, are picked on by their teachers and ridiculed by fellow classmates.

In some cases, they do also get into trouble a lot, as they are easily written off as children with disciplinary issues. This certainly doesn’t help anyone, especially the patient. Where would he go and who will help if no one knows that there’s an underlying condition causing these difficulties in your child?

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Don’t worry—ADHD is treatable!

Dr Winslow advises parents not to panic as the condition can be treated. For step-by-step guidance on how to proceed and the care to take, where your child's ADHD is concerned, watch the full video interview below:

 Dr Munidasa Winslow is a pioneer in addiction and impulse control disorders across Asia Pacific and founder of Winslow Clinic, located at the Novena Medical Center in Singapore.


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