Plight of foreign workers in Singapore: Help for Mr Islam Rafiqul

Plight of foreign workers in Singapore: Help for Mr Islam Rafiqul

Mr. Islam Rafiqul has not received $7,363 in unpaid wages from his employer. has set up a "Help for Islam Rafiqul" page...

We came across the sad plight of Bangladeshi construction worker Mr Islam Rafiqul in The Straits Times. His employer Md Shamsuzzaman, sole proprietor of Geosray Engineering and Services, has not paid him his full salary between October 2015 and June 2016. From July last year, Mr. Islam has not been paid at all.

He is yet to receive $7,363 in unpaid wages.

Complained to Labour Court

He complained to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) last September. They gave him a special pass to remain in Singapore, while his salary claim was being processed. The pass prohibits him from working though.

MOM held meetings between Mr Islam and his employer in September and October. The employer agreed to pay, but later went back to his old ways.

The case then went before the Labour Court. The employer was ordered by the Labour Court to pay Mr Islam $7,363 by Jan 12. He did not. On Jan 13, MOM officials told Mr. Islam to go to the State Courts himself to apply for a court bailiff to seize the employer's assets and auction them off, to recover the unpaid wages.

The court action itself will cost him more than $1,000, which includes a $300 deposit, about $400 in legal fees, $50 an hour to hire a bailiff and fees to the court and auctioneer. page "Help For Islam Rafiqul"

Mr. Islam feels helpless, but is in dire need of the money. "I have not sent money home for many months. I have a wife and two children (to support). I cannot go home without the money," he says.

A page has been set up to help Mr Islam Rafiqul. is initiating this fundraising drive for 1 week till 26th January 2017 and all the funds collected will be passed to Mr Islam Rafiqul.

For any queries, you may approach [email protected] Please consider donating to or sharing Mr.Islam's page.

(Source: The Straits Times,

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