The Hello Kitty Fun Run 2015: Stay healthy and have fun as a family!

The Hello Kitty Fun Run 2015: Stay healthy and have fun as a family!

We also introduce you to a participant - who is bringing along his tiny 3 year old, and celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife at this run last year - and what he has to say about the Hello Kitty Fun Run!

hello kitty Fun run 2015

Hello Kitty Fun Run 2015: This year’s Hello Kitty Fun Run is going to be super cool and fun for the whole family

Organized runs have been gaining momentum in Singapore, with about a couple being held every month now.

But did you also know that these runs are a great way to expend some of your youngster’s energies and are great for family bonding? It also combats childhood obesity, another rising trend in Singapore.

Introducing the Hello Kitty SG Run 2015! If your youngster is a tad reluctant to sweat bucket-loads, the Hello Kitty motif should be incentive enough for little girls.

Till date, there has been a sizeable number of children aged 12 years and younger who have registered for the upcoming Christmas-themed Hello Kitty SG Run 2015, happening on 19 December at the Float at Marina Bay.

Studies and articles by sports medicine specialists state that running allows children to be physically active at their own pace, without the expectations of being naturally athletically inclined, pressure of being overweight or being in a competitive team sport.

Fun runs are a great starting point to introduce kids to this low-cost sport.

If that’s not a great reason enough to get fit together at this Fun Run, consider that they also have various activities such as manicures and meet-and-greet sessions with the Hello Kitty mascot. Come dressed in your creative and sporty outfits!

hello kitty Fun run 2015

Get read for Hello Kitty dress up mania

hello kitty Fun run 2015

Adults and kids alike will enjoy meeting Singapore’s favourite cat

hello kitty Fun run 2015

Tonnes of activities lined up during the fun run

Jason Lim, a father of two, is a strong advocate of these fun runs.

At the inaugural Hello Kitty run held last year, he celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife and this year, he intend to bring his little girl Jenna, who is only a tiny three years old, with him!

We had the pleasure of speaking to him, and this is his account of his run.

Read on to find out about Jason’s experience!


hello kitty Fun run 2015

The family who runs together stays together

TAP: So why did you decide to celebrate your anniversary with your wife with the Hello Kitty run? It’s quite unconventional.

Well, Hello Kitty’s birthday coincided with our wedding anniversary. It was sort of like a journey, you know, we run together and we overcome difficulties together.

Like for sure she’s slower than me, but I just ran beside her. When she got tired, I piggy backed her. Fortunately or unfortunately, it rained along the way, which was really unforeseen, but it is just like Life itself, there are unforeseen difficulties, we just have to get through them together. Just have to be positive.

hello kitty Fun run 2015

Jason celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife during this run in a very meaningful way

TAP: How have you prepared your 3 year old?

Well, nothing much. It’s a fun run, so no pressure. Just dress her up in appropriate clothes and keep her hydrated.

TAP: Any advice for runners?

Keep hydrated. Wear comfortable shoes. Safety first but also have fun.

We love Jason’s spirit and amazing way of getting his daughter to live healthy from a young age!

So, what are you waiting for? Time to sign up the entire family for this year’s fun run and get fitter, stronger and faster together.

Find more information about the Hello Kitty Fun Run 2015 here.

How do you keep your family fit and healthy? Do let us know in a comment below. 

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