Healing through tantrums

Is it really possible to heal your child through their tantrums? Find out now...

healing through tantrums

A young girl throwing a temper tantrum on the floor of a kitchen

The “tantrum of a child” is a sort of legend amongst parents and something that most people dread. However, there are many kids who are healing through tantrums. Find out how here.

What’s in a tantrum?

Raging, tears, stomping of feet and a general disregard for civility. That’s usually what happens when the little ones in my household throw a tantrum. It’s easy to label or interpret these episodes as ‘drama’, manipulation, overly-tired or just pushing the parent so that the child can ‘get his own way’. Yet tantrums are just another outlet for our child to communicate their feelings. Thus, when we chide them for it or even ignore them, we are not responding to their emotional needs or share that overwhelming emotional burden that is expressed through a typical temper tantrum.

Support and encourage

Tantrums should not be looked then as something to be restricted or frowned upon but as a path towards healing. Your child is healing through tantrums and can be soothed much faster if their trusted parent or guardian is there to receive and support the child through his tantrum. After all tantrums are related to frustration and tension and once that is released, your child will come to a state of equilibrium that will lead to clearer thinking.

healing through tantrums

Baby throwing a tantrum while playing

Healing through tantrums

As a parent, when we are faced with a screaming, kicking and totally irrational child, it is easy to raise your voice to put them in their place or to regain control of the situation. However, gaining control will not necessarily bring your child balance, in fact it might only make them even more touchy, and push them to close their feelings off in the future.

healing through tantrums

A child laying on the ground throwing a tantrum

What to do

Next time use the opportunity of healing through tantrums. As your child wails and bangs his fists on the wall demanding that cereal that you have just run out of, allow them to rage but be firm and do not give in. It is important for you to be calm and collected – so it is imperative that you keep your voice low but audible. Don’t shame them or make them feel bad as they need to release their frustrations or whatever big emotions they are feeling. It is your child’s way of healing through tantrums.

Share with us your thoughts on healing through tantrums and whether you believe that tantrums are just a way for children to express emotions that they are unable to handle. You can also check out this video that shows you how to deal with a toddler tantrum:

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Wafa Marican

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