Finally, A Way To Heal Your C-Section Cut Without A Scar!

Finally, A Way To Heal Your C-Section Cut Without A Scar!

A new promising study claims that they have the answer to a scar-free future. Read on to learn more about it.

Fat is often viewed as something undesirable, something to rid our bodies of or something to exercise away. But fat is slowly gaining good press, thanks to the popularity of the controversial high-fat but slimming Keto diet. Now there’s one more good thing about fat: a promising study claims that healing of c section incisions is possible… using fat. 

The No-scar Way: Healing of C Section Incisions Using Fat Cells

A study published in the AAAS Science Journal, claims that fat cells play a crucial role in the healing of c section incisions — in particular, the scars they leave behind. Not only do they prevent future scarring, they help give skin a more natural appearance.

The main thing that researchers found is that they can control wound healing so that, instead of scars, they can regenerate skin!

How can fat regenerate skin, especially related to healing of c section incisions? 

“The secret is to regenerate hair follicles first. After that, the fat will regenerate in response to the signals from those follicles,” says Dr. George Cotsarelis of the University of Pennsylvania.

healing of c section incisions

Healing of c section incisions: Using fat cells to heal wounds without scarring, researchers also claim it can give skin a more natural appearance (Image source: File photo)

Aside from a way to heal wounds without scarring, this study makes way for exciting new discoveries

Though published a year ago, this is still a fairly new study. But it is truly exciting. Imagine how this could change the future of surgery worldwide! There was a time when we thought cells couldn’t be altered. But this study claims to have achieved what was once impossible.

These researchers are truly blazing the trail for new medical developments. Once perfected, this process could go beyond being a way to heal wounds without scarring. It could also be the answer to reversing wrinkles, meaning the fountain of youth might already have been found! More importantly, it could unlock a cure for certain cancers and HIV.

Can their findings help lighten and remove old C-section wounds?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. This study only focuses on future surgical wounds. But there are ways to lighten old C-section wounds and give your skin a more natural appearance.

healing of c section incisions

Healing of c section incisions: Though fat cell regeneration might not work for existing scars, there are still home remedies to try. | Image source: Pinterest

Consult your doctor before trying any of these home remedies, mums! 

  • Silicone sheets or gel. According to a study, silicone sheeting or gel is an effective scar treatment. 
  • Vitamin E cream. This can improve the appearance of scars by lowering raised scars and keeping scar tissue from growing.
  • Onion extract. This popular home remedy can soften and lighten scars in just one month. However, like Vitamin E cream, it often can’t work on scars around the incision site.
  • Honey. More than reducing swelling, honey helps new tissue to grow. 
  • Petroleum-based ointments. Apply petroleum jelly and keep your scar dry and covered. This helps keep it from growing. It also relieves itching. You can also ask your doctor about using a bandage to apply pressure on it to flatten raised scars.

If you prefer not to apply any products to your scar, here are other techniques to try:

  • Massage. Applying gentle pressure on your scar a few times each day to help soften it. You can use a mild moisturising cream. Massaging can also help break down scar tissue. 
  • Limit sun exposure. At least six months after a C-section, do not expose your scar to sunlight. Darkening makes a healing scar more noticeable.
  • Treat as soon as it heals. Don’t wait too long before doing measures to improve the appearance of your C-section scars. Talk to your doctor as soon after delivery as possible to make sure you come up with a treatment that’s right for you.

Above all, it’s most important to be proud of your C-section scar, whatever appearance it might take. This is your unique mummy battle scar, which is even more amazing than any scientific breakthrough!

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