Dealing with your child's headache properly

Dealing with your child's headache properly

Don’t let your child's headache give you a headache too -- learn how to remedy it!

headaches in children

Headaches are common in children

Some parents often immediately associate a headache with a serious illness or a brain tumor but, truth be told, things don’t have to be that scary and serious always, thankfully. Contrary to what many adults believe, both adults and children can actually have headaches regardless of the age factor. In fact, headaches in children are quite common.


Headaches in children usually stem from the same factors as adults’ headaches. Here are some of the more common reasons:

Illnesses and infections

Ear infections, sinus infections, strep throat, cold and fever are common causes. The headaches may occur on or off or continue for several days during the duration of the illness.

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Head injuries

Children are typically mini-stunt people at school and at home. They can bump or hit their heads while playing and this can easily trigger a headache. Head injuries that cause headaches with vomiting, nausea or loss of consciousness should be looked into immediately by a doctor.

Tension and stress

Heavy school work load, social issues, and home/parent problems can be major factors in causing headaches for your little one. Children who have tension or stress-related aches are more irritable, solitary and temperamental.

headaches in children

Check out some of the remedies that can help with headaches


Typically, a child’s headache can be treated at home. There are several home remedies that parents can use to ease and heal the situation. Here are some of them:

Isolation treatment

Headaches in children can be exacerbated by noise and extremely bright lights. To soothe these throbbing headaches, the child should be allowed to rest in a dark, cool and quiet room. Putting a moist cloth on the forehead while lying down with the eyes closed can help a lot too.

OTC pain relievers

Headaches in children can be relieved by giving an over-the-counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Prescription drugs and aspirins are a no-no, especially if not specifically ordered by a doctor.

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Eucalyptus oil

Natural relievers for headaches in children include eucalyptus oil. Add drops of the oil in bowl of hot water and let the child inhale the steam. Don’t leave the child unattended when initiating this home treatment.

Sometimes, a child’s headache is caused by vision problems and lack of sleep. Address these issues immediately by seeing an eye doctor and having plenty of rest.

When to see a doctor

Albeit common, headaches in children should be closely monitored by parents. Immediate treatment by a doctor is needed if:

  1. Headaches follow a head injury
  2. Headaches in children are associated with vision problems, neck stiffness or pain, unsteadiness, and fever
  3. Headaches are consistent and constant
  4. Children have underlying illnesses
  5. Child is 3 years old or younger

Are headaches in children common in your household? Tell us how you addressed this situation by leaving a comment below. For more information on headaches in children, please watch the video below:

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