Harris Baba threatens to sue LV showroom for a mishap involving his daughter

Harris Baba threatens to sue LV showroom for a mishap involving his daughter

A hot light covering from the KL showroom fell on the singer's eight and a half-month-old daughter causing burns on her hand and face.

Harris Baba, the famous singer from Singapore is fuming with rage. And justifiably so, as his daughter suffered from burns caused by a mishap at one of the Louis Vuitton stores in Malaysia. 

The horror story of Harris Baba

A few days back, Harris Baba was shopping with his daughter at the Louis Vuitton Showroom in KL, Malaysia. And that is when a light cover fell on his infant daughter. The 'very hot light cover' from the store in the Gardens Mall at Mid Valley City
caused superficial second degree burns on Aleena Ziya's face and both the hands according to a report. And Harris has decided to sue the showroom for negligence.

Harris has posted the photos of his baby on Instagram. 


Its so sad, disappointing and embarrassing to know that so many people think im suing and fining the Louis Vuitton boutique at The Gardens just for money. Im not suing and fining them for the MONEY. Im suing and fining the boutique so that this accident doesnt ever happen again to someone else's son or daughter or to anyone! Im suing and fining them so that they never take this matter lightly ever again. So that they make sure they take very well care of their maintenance and safety towards their customers. As a father i cant bare to see my 8 and a half month old baby girl like this in such a situation. How do you expect me to forgive and forget so easily. U expect me to forgive them and walk out of the boutique with a smile on my face knowing that my daughter has suffered from a 2nd degree superficial burn on her face and both her hands? Just coz they apologised to me means everything is okay? Means my daughter is okay? Well NO! To all the people who think negative of me and to think that i just want the money, by all means pls do. I just pray u never face the same situation as me or my daughter. Im doing this for my Baby Aleena. Thk u

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Explaining the reason for legal action, he explains that he cannot see his baby girl in this situation. Even though the store staff has apologised, it does not mean that they will take steps to prevent it from happening again. An apology does not change the fact that the poor girl has suffered. And so, he is planning to sue just to ensure that safety measures would be taken.

It might take a few weeks for his daughter's wounds to recover. Our love is with her...

What to do if your baby suffers from burns?

Burns can be because of many reasons. Hot burns may be due to dry heat like a flame, contact with something hot, like in this case, or due to a hot liquid, causing scalding. A cold burn is when the skin is damaged due to contact with ice for a prolonged period of time or chemicals like liquid nitrogen for even a short duration. 

As parents, the most common types of burns you may encounter in children are the ones caused by

  • dry heat
  • hot liquids
  • contact with a hot surface

In these cases, knowing first-aid is essential. Though the management is slightly different, the basic principles remain the same

  1. Remove the source of heat. If a part of clothing is on fire, douse it by wrapping the baby in a blanket or by using water. 
  2. Try and remove the clothing, but leave it if it is stuck
  3. Hold the wound under running cold water for 10-20 minutes. DO NOT use ice. Do not apply herbal remedies.
  4. Assess if the wound is serious. It is serious if 
    1. it is bigger than the size of the person's palm
    2. it is on the face, hand, or feet
    3. it looks like a deep burn.

If it is, take him to a hospital. Before that, use a cling-film to wrap the wound to avoid loss of fluids.

If it is not serious, you can keep it open or use Opsite Flexifix or something similar. 

Mums, do not ignore a burn as in babies, even a small burn can cause complications later on. 

(Images: screengrabs from Instagram)

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