See what Neil Patrick Harris did to celebrate his twins' birthday!

See what Neil Patrick Harris did to celebrate his twins' birthday!

Celebrity couple Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have just celebrated their twins' birthday. What they did for their munchkins is simply adorable!

It is not as though Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka haven't already added enough to the already seriously-adorable family goals list. Monday night, Neil showed off a photo of his and David’s dynamic duo, Gideon and Harper, celebrating their fifth birthday on his Instagram.

The kids look absolutely overjoyed as they stand in front of their huge and impressive birthday cake, with it being revealed that Neil and David actually personally made the cake themselves, making the whole gesture all the more heartfelt.

"Happy 5th birthday to Gideon and Harper, the two greatest kids in all the land! (Cakes created and decorated by their fathers)," Harris wrote in the caption the first image of the colorfully hand-decorated cakes.

He then shared two close-up images of the cake, adding: “Birthday cake detail. Droids fighting princesses."

Harris added that after tiring long hours of filming for his new variety show, his children are what keep him going, "They kinda fill me back up".

"The kids are at a wonderful age where they want to hug and sit on your lap and show you things, and make stuff together," he said.


Lead image credit: Neil Patrick Harris Instagram

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