Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year

theAsianparent.com team wishes all our readers a very happy lunar new year. We hope that you all have a wonderful Rabbit year full of health, wealth and happiness!


Its the rabbit year!

The Tiger year has been a roller coaster ride for some, and a year of opportunities for others. Some had made huge fortunes, while others have squandered it away. Some found real relationships while others are steeped in quarrels and discords. Some revelled in promotions and bonuses while others struggled to make ends meet.

All in all, the Tiger Year has been an eventful year brimming with tough challenges and new experiences.  It took everyone hostage and demanded that we work hard, learn well and grow personally or professionally.

While some of us have come out on top, others have fallen short of the mark in the obstacle course it set for us.  But all of us have emerged stronger, braver and better for it.

So it is with a feeling of relief and respect (and perhaps a twinge of reluctance), that we bid farewell to the Metal Tiger and welcome the Golden Rabbit.  We look forward to a bountiful year of abundance, peace, good health and great successes.

And from the team at theAsianparent.com, we wish all our readers a very Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year (新年快乐)!  May you be energized (龙马精神), and enjoy great prosperity and successes (万事如易) this Lunar New Year!

See you all in the Golden Rabbit year!!

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