Stop Being An Angry Mum Using This Amazing Hairband Trick!

Stop Being An Angry Mum Using This Amazing Hairband Trick!

Mums and dads all over the world are using this AMAZING hairband trick to become better parents! Read what it is all about!

Mums, do you constantly feel like you are losing it? That, no matter how much you try, you just can’t STOP being an angry mum? And do you feel guilty about it all the time?

Well, this mum has created an awesome, super simple ‘hairband’ trick to help mums and dads stay calm and positive around their little ones and to remind them what really matters in life.

And guess what, she has scientific proof that it works.

THE hairband trick to stay sane and sensible

Mummy of 3, Kelly Holmes, from Austin, Texas, felt guilty and miserable about losing her temper with the kids all the time. She did a lot of research on healthy parenting habits, and ‘invented’ this hairband trick, which involves placing five hairbands around your wrist.

Stop Being An Angry Mum Using This Amazing Hairband Trick!

PHOTO: FACEBOOK / SHAUNA HARVEY (Mummy who benefitted from the hairband trick)

Here is how the hairband trick works:

  • Find 5 hairbands that are comfortable enough to be worn around your wrist all day (You could use bangles or bracelets or even rubber bands, the key is ‘5’ of those).
  • Wear them around one of your wrists as soon as your kids wake up in the morning.
  • Every time you lose your temper with your kid(s), move one hairband to the other wrist.
  • And as Kelly writes on her blog, “Your goal is actually to make it to the end of the day with all 5 hairbands on the original wrist.”
  • To “earn the band back”, you must do 5 kind or positive things with your child. Note: Little things like reading together with your kids and hugging them, and saying, “I love you”, are also counted.

Isn’t this an easy and seriously motivational way to keep your temper in check? Lose your cool, and you lose a rubber band, and more importantly, you get to keep track of how ‘bad’ you have been to the kids that day.:)

Kelly’s method has been adopted by millions of mums all over the world already, and they have been thanking her for the positive results. But wanna know, how she came up with this brilliant idea?

The scientific basis of the hairband trick

Stop Being An Angry Mum Using This Amazing Hairband Trick!

Image source: iStock

Well, Kelly created the hairband trick based on research from The Gottman Institute, called the Magic 5:1 Ratio, which shows that, to have happy adult relationships, you need to have 5 times as many positive interactions between partners as there are negative! 

Apparently, Dr. Gottman can even predict divorce based on this ratio, as really unhappy couples tend to have more negative than positive interactions. Though some amount of negativity is inevitable in a relationship, as long as there is much more positivity, the relationship will be stable.

Mummy Kelly Holmes simply applied this ratio to a parent-child relationship, and found that “The magic 5:1 ratio can help you close that distance with your little one, too.”

Well, we can’t wait to try this magic trick out on our little ones. Mums, do let us know if this trick helped you have a healthier relationship with your little one(s)!

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