Naming twins: Finding the ideal names for your babies

Naming twins: Finding the ideal names for your babies

When it comes to deciding on names for your twins, are you finding yourself completely stumped? Don't know if you should go for matching names or unique individual ones? Read our guide for more ideas on how to find appropriate names for your twins.

naming your twins

Check out our great tips on naming your twins

As if deciding on one baby name wasn’t hard enough, naming your twins can lead to double the frustration. All these questions pop up in your head: Should you settle for rhyming names? Should the twins’ names have the same initial letter or have a theme? Should the names have deeper meanings? If you’ve asked these questions before, then you’re in the right place. Check out our guide that is bound to help in naming your twins!

Themed twin names

Using a similar name theme is usually the default way of giving names to multiple babies. Same themed names are actually very popular because it offers a subtle connection between the two siblings. For example, twin girls can be named after flowers like Jasmine and Lavender. Twin boys can be named after Gods like Janus and Apollo. Destination twin baby names like Paris, Brooklyn and London, are in demand too.

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Same meaning names

When naming your twins, you can consider the option of giving them different names but with the same meaning. For twin boys that have names with the same meaning, Ethan and Aaron are quite popular. These names both mean strong. Ariel and Leona, both mean lion, are also common names for twin girls.

Same letter or initials

To make the naming process easier, you can start off by using the same first letter or initials for the twins. All you need to decide on is the letter or the initials. As a guide, you can use the first letter of your name or your husband’s.

naming your twins

We don’t only provide you with tips, but also the don’ts of naming your twins


An anagram is a type of word play that requires rearranging of the letters to form a new word. Selecting names via anagram will make the names of your twins more meaningful and unique. Examples of anagram names are Claire and Carlie and Andrew and Darwen.

Names you like

When it comes to naming your twins, it is best to stick to names that you actually like. Say the names out loud just to make sure that you like how it sounds and that you are comfortable with calling it out several times a day.

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Don’ts of naming your twins:

  1. Rhyming names can be cute but it could get really cheesy and uncomfortable when the kids grow older. It is best to select names that will still sound respectable and professional after 20 years.
  2. Steer clear of overly used twin/couple names like Luke and Leia, Tom and Jerry, Bonnie and Clyde, and Mary Kate and Ashley. Be original and make your own unique names.
  3. Don’t name your twins after relatives with unappealing names. You might look up to these members of your family but if their names can make anyone cringe, forget it. Just show your love or adoration in a different way.
  4. Don’t choose names that could be altered for taunting or bullying purposes. Kids these days are hurtful and unforgiving when it comes to name teasing. Don’t give bullies a chance to make your kids cry by avoiding naming your twins with weird sounding names. Can you believe that one parent actually made the mistake of naming her twins Vadge and Peni?


What technique did you use for naming your twins? Did you choose related names or individual ones? We’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a video that can give you more tips on naming your twins:

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