Gross and funny things about potty training all parents go through

Gross and funny things about potty training all parents go through

If your little one is just learning to use the potty now, you'll probably be able to relate to these hilarious truths!

Remember when you first became parents and had to change a dirty diaper for the very first time in your life?

You probably thought it was a little gross at first, but eventually got used to it after a while.

However, now that your toddler is just learning how to use the potty, you might be able to relate to these hilarious and even grosser things that everyone will encounter during potty training!


1. There will be accidents

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

Potty training is a big milestone for your little one when she reaches the age of two years, but give her time because it is not an easy skill for her to master.

She might be so busy playing and forgets to tell you that she has to pee, or she may feel a little shy to let you know that she needs to poop.


2. Cleaning out a dirty potty will make you gag

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

There is no easy way to clean out a potty - even if you just dump the contents into the toilet bowl and flush, you still have to wash and wipe it clean.

Unless you get a kiddy toilet seat so your child can use the normal toilet while potty training, then all you have to do is simply flush it all away!


3. Washing poopy bums is not fun

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

When your child yells, "Mummy! I'm done!", that's your cue to go and clean his bum as he sits there with a cheeky grin on his face.

You think that you'd be used to dealing with poop by now, as you've handled soiled diapers before, but it's still no fun every time you need to wash or wipe somebody else's dirty bum.


4. When they have to go potty, you run like the wind

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

We don't mean in the other direction - you have sprint to the nearest toilet before your child can't hold it in any longer and has an accident in the middle of the mall!

When your kid is still going through potty training, you actually have to plan your outings to be close to washrooms or at least you make sure beforehand to know exactly where they are located.


5. Toilet paper becomes a new toy

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

Why bother spending $59.90 on the latest kid's toy that plays music and has colourful lights, when a simple roll of toilet paper is enough to thrill and excite any child who is going through potty training?

For some reason, it is absolutely fascinating for children to unroll a whole tube of toilet paper, which they insist is the amount they need to supposedly wipe after they are done.


6. Potty training sometimes requires an audience

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

Not only are you the appointed bum wiper during the whole duration of potty training, you are also the official cheerleader, waving, clapping and singing in the sidelines as your tot sits on the toilet.

Once he's done, you even have to call your partner to come in and sing more praises about his great accomplishment.

What other funny yet gross things can you expect to encounter during potty training? Read on to find out!

7. You are proud of poop

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

Admit it, you will closely examine your little one's "piece of art" and feel so proud of its size, colour, or shape.

You might even take a picture of it to share the joy with your partner, who unfortunately opens the image while halfway eating his lunch at work.


8. Touching something wet makes you suspicious

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

As you're clearing some toys strewn across the carpet, you touch something wet and notice a suspicious-looking stain on the carpet - so your first instinct is to sniff it to determine whether or not it is a pee puddle.

You will also get paranoid and keep asking your child whether she's peed in her pants and are not convinced if she denies it.


9. Stepping on something wet and soft makes you scared

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

You're walking barefoot in your house then suddenly step onto something soft, wet and squishy - you close your eyes and hope that it's not what you think it is.

Your child is hiding behind the curtain, silently and looking rather guilty, so you peer down at your foot and pray hard that what you see is a lump of brown play dough.


10. There will always be a slight smell of pee around

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

Where is that smell coming from? The carpet? The sofa? The bedsheets? The tablecloth? The flowerpot? The pet dog??

No matter how thoroughly you have cleaned your house from top to bottom, you can always smell a slight hint of pee coming from somewhere yet you can't seem to figure out where exactly it is!


11. Kiddy underwear is cute and creepy at the same time

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

Kiddy underwear is always so cute and has such fun prints like rainbow coloured polka dots, or little puppies and kittens.

But sometimes you just have to give a double take when you spot some with borderline inappropriate images or sayings, such as a picture of a doughnut and the words "YUMMY" printed across in bold.

12. You actually miss diapers

potty training, accident, pee, poop, toddler

At times you are just so tired of doing all those frantic toilet runs, and kerplunking out the potty after your child is done, that you're so tempted to just let him wear a diaper again.

Plus, waving goodbye to diapers forever is a big bittersweet reminder that your little one is growing up so fast and is now a big kid.

So cherish this bum-wiping, suspicious puddles, and urine-scented aromatherapy potty training stage because soon they can do it all by themselves and won't need your help anymore.


Has your child been potty trained yet? Can you relate to any of these hilarious truths? What other funny issues have you encountered when potty training your kids? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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