Supermarket Creates Grocery Shopping Guide For Clueless Husbands

Supermarket Creates Grocery Shopping Guide For Clueless Husbands

Time to send the husband to do grocery shopping!

With Malaysia in lockdown mode and people restricted from going out of the house, it appears the men have been forced out of their homes in droves… to buy groceries. Grocery Shopping Guide

The country’s movement control order (MCO) states that only the “head of the household” should be allowed to leave the house to purchase necessities, and although it didn’t state whether the person should be male or female, the husbands probably took it upon themselves to accomplish “mission grocery shopping”.

Grocery Shopping Guide for Clueless Husbands

In hilarious posts shared by Malaysians Cheanu Chew and Muzaffar Rahman on Facebook, they observed many men looking clueless in supermarket aisles while glued to their phones.

These “remote shoppers”, as Chew called them, were presumably receiving instructions from their wives to ensure that they got the grocery list right.

Now, supermarket chain Tesco in Malaysia has come to the rescue, with an ingenious hack to put all their (both the men and their wives’) troubles to rest.

The shopping guide “for husbands” provides pictures of basic ingredients with captions (no need to Google), and also breaks it down to the nitty-gritty, for example, how to identify the various parts of an uncooked chicken. Unfortunately, the rather basic guide only extends to chicken, fish, and vegetables.

But perhaps it’s not too basic, if you’re someone who has never stepped into the kitchen before. Judging by how the post has been shared close to 3,000 times on Facebook, many must have found it useful.

Aeon Mall in Malaysia has also jumped on the bandwagon and gone one step further, providing free personal shoppers to assist the unfamiliar who may be shopping alone for the first time.

Supermarket Creates Grocery Shopping Guide For Clueless Husbands

Grocery Shopping Guide by AEON Retail Malaysia. | Photo: AEON Retail Malaysia / Facebook


This post was first published on AsiaOne and was edited and republished on theAsianparent with permission. 

Supermarket Creates Grocery Shopping Guide For Clueless Husbands

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