The 4 Greatest Needs of Wives, and the 4 Greatest Needs of Husbands

The 4 Greatest Needs of Wives, and the 4 Greatest Needs of Husbands

If wives provide these needs to their husbands, and if husbands provide these needs to their wives, then it will lead to a stronger and happier marriage.

As the saying goes “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, men and women have different lifeworlds. Thus, it can be hard trying to figure out what your spouse exactly want or need from you. Well, lucky for you, we have simplified it for you in this article.

Here are the top four needs of husbands and wives:  

What your husband needs: To be respected

What your wife needs: To be loved

The 4 Greatest Needs of Wives, and the 4 Greatest Needs of Husbands

Most men feel that one of the things that they need most in a relationship is respect. For men, being respected also comes with being loved, so they both go hand-in-hand. Being respected makes them feel that they matter and that they are important to their wife.

On the other hand, for women, they need their husbands to show and tell them that they love them. Small things husbands can do would be to tell their wives how much they love them and do be more romantic to their wives.

What your husband needs: To feel loved through sex and intimacy

What your wife needs: An emotional connection before having sex

The 4 Greatest Needs of Wives, and the 4 Greatest Needs of Husbands

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When it comes to sex, men use it as a way to show their love for their wives. Men generally tend to have a higher sex drive compared to women, so sex is a big part of how men express their love and attraction to their wives.

Wives on the other hand, need an emotional connection with their husbands before having sex. It’s important for husbands to know that their wives can’t simply have sex at a moment’s notice, so husbands need to understand that their wives might not always be in the mood, and respect that.

What your husband needs: To bond through activities

What your wife needs: To bond through communication

The 4 Greatest Needs of Wives, and the 4 Greatest Needs of Husbands

Husbands want to bond with their wives through activities. They want to share experiences with their wives, and they do it through activities as compared to just talking and staying at home.

Wives prefer to bond with their husbands by communicating with their husbands. Wives want to share experiences through talking and conversation, so they prefer sometimes to just stay at home, sit beside their husbands, and talk about their day.

What your husband needs: Time to sort out his thoughts and feelings

What your wife needs: Talk things through

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For husbands, if they have a problem, or perhaps an argument with their wives, it’s important to give them some time to just be alone to sort out their thoughts and feelings. It won’t do you any good to push them to communicate if they’re not ready, and it can even cause more problems.

For wives, they prefer to talk about their problems with their husbands and sort things out that way. Communication is very important to women, so husbands need to be honest, respectful, and listen to what their wives have to say.

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